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Admissions Process & FAQs

As a GEICO Associate, you have two options when completing the free online application.

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Degree Seeking Students

Interested in earning your bachelor’s degree or finishing your degree.  GEICO has pre-approved the Business Administration degree (General Emphasis). 

After you have submitted your application, you can start requesting your official transcripts.

  • Mailed directly from the institution to Upper Iowa University, Student Enrollment Center, PO Box 1857 Fayette, IA 52142.
  • Electronic transcripts, should be emailed to: [email protected]

Once your application is received an Admissions Counselor will be in touch with you.

Students seeking the GEICO 3 core classes

Non-degree seeking students can take up to 30 credit hours (10 classes) without being accepted into a degree-seeking program.  No transcripts required.

Once your application is received an Admissions Counselor will be in touch with you.


Location Point of Contact Phone Number Email
North Liberty, IA Katie Strand 319-848-8488 [email protected]
Dallas, TX Kristy Krivachek 563-425-5783 [email protected]
Houston, TX Kristy Krivachek 563-425-5783 [email protected]
Indianapolis, IN Kayli Stohr 319-232-6980 [email protected]
Kansas City, KS Kayli Stohr 319-232-6980 [email protected]
Buffalo, NY Aimee Byerly 563-425-5385 [email protected]
All other locations Kristy Krivachek 563-425-5783 [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Your first step is to submit your free application.

Do I need to send in transcripts?

If you are looking at becoming degree seeking, we will need all official college transcripts sent to Upper Iowa University.  To be considered “Official”, they must not pass through your hands.  If you are looking at non-degree seeking, we do not need your transcripts.

How do I complete the GEICO Tuition Reimbursement?

GEICO Tuition Reimbursement needs to be submitted before each class.  Please reach out to your Human Resource Department at GEICO for more information on how to submit it.

GEICO-Tuition Reimbursement Info Sheet

How to I find my grade and invoice?

Your grade and invoice are both in myUIU. 


  1. After logging in, click on the Finances tab at the top of the page.
  2. Scroll down to My Account Info
  3. Click on Course and Fee Statement
  4. Select Generate my Course and Fee Statement

Grade Report:

  1. After logging in, click on the Academics tab at the top of the page.
  2. Go to Student on the left side – click on the drop down
  3. Click on My Grade Report
  4. Select Center/Online Session (select the Session you finished)
  5. Click on View Final Grade Report



What is the delayed payment contract?

The delayed payment contract delays your tuition 45 days after the class ends, so you do not have to pay tuition up front.  The 45-day time frame after class allows you time to submit your grade and invoice back to GEICO so payment can be issued.

What is the cost per course?

With the GEICO grant, the cost per three-credit undergraduate class is $1,144.00 for the 2021-22 academic year.

What is my out-of-pocket expense?

If you are approved for GEICO tuition reimbursement, you will only have to pay for the books up front. GEICO will reimburse tuition and your book expense when the class ends, as long as you meet the tuition reimbursement requirements. Your tuition payment will be delayed for 45 days after class ends, with the delayed payment contract.

When do classes start?

We have five, eight-week sessions, and one six-week session. Check out our schedule for the list of each start date!

Can I take classes before my transcripts come in?

Yes, you are able to take up to 30 credits (10 classes) while transcripts come in for students wanting to seek a degree. For students that are non-degree seeking, no transcripts required.

How many classes can I take per session?

Two undergraduate classes are considered full-time in an eight-week session and one class is part-time.

What is the recommend time commitment per each course?

Students should expect to spend approximately 15 to 20 hours per week in an online class.

How do I order books?

Our online bookstore website is

If you choose to order your textbook from another provider, use the correct ISBN number as posted on the bookstore website.

How long is credit good for?

We will transfer in credit for other colleges or university as long as the credit is from an accredited institution.

Where can I find my class?

Your classroom is located at  Your login is your student email account and password is the same as myUIU password.

What is myUIU?

MyUIU is where you will find course syllabus, grades, invoices, and other student resources.  Your class cannot be access through myUIU, please go to

Where can I find the syllabus?

You can locate your syllabus through myUIU. 

Do I need financial aid and if so, how do I apply?

You do not need to apply for financial aid, unless you are a degree-seeking student and want to use it. To be eligible for financial aid funding, a student must be accepted into Upper Iowa University and have a complete financial aid file.  For financial aid information:

I’m having issues logging into accounts?

Enter your username and password, then click the blue “Log In” button. Your username and password are the same as your myUIU portal login credentials.

If you are having trouble logging in to uiuLearn, your password may have expired. Please navigate to myUIU and attempt to log in there. It will prompt you to reset your password if it is expired.

If you do not know your myUIU portal login password or need to reset it, click the “Forgot Your Password” link. You will be redirected to the myUIU password management page. There you will need to enter the alternate email address you previously set in order to receive a password reset link.

User Support Site:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (563)425-5876

Do you have a student orientation course?

You will have access to the Student Orientation Course in uiuLearn once you have been registered.  We highly recommend viewing the orientation course before the start of your first class.

Can I view the online classroom even though I am not registered for a class?

Experience UIU’s online classroom 

Username: web.student  

Password (case sensitive): uiuLearn 

Two adult students studing on computer in DSM coffee shop

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GEICO associates may complete their core business cores or earn a Business Administration degree through our partnership program.  Over 1,500 associates have taken a course with UIU. 

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