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Upper Iowa University's Teacher Education program is committed to preparing teachers who are well informed, reflective, professional, competent, and sensitive to the diverse needs of their pupils. Each Teacher Education student is provided with current, practical, applied knowledge, and a variety of classroom experiences. The Teacher Education program is dedicated to the development of teachers with personal education philosophies and systems of beliefs that encourage a lifelong commitment to inquiry and excellence.

Current trends in teacher preparation include performance-based assessment and practical teaching experience. The education curriculum at Upper Iowa University has been designed to meet the changing educational demands of curriculum including literacy development, integrated instruction, higher order thinking skills and practical skills (flexible management, computer technology and early teaching experiences).


Practicum is provided in the Foundations of Education course so students can serve as observers and participants in the regular classroom to help determine if they wish to continue in teacher education. Each student then follows a sequenced series of courses to acquire the theoretical background, instructional techniques, management strategies and practical skills needed to be a competent educator.

Plan to start early

To obtain desired endorsements and licensure, students will need to plan their program early in their college experience and work closely with the academic advisors to insure that course work and performance requirements leading to state licensure are being met in a timely manner. Students need to start education courses late in their freshman year or at the beginning of their sophomore year in order to be in sequence for graduation.

Final test

Students must also successfully pass a basic academic skills exam (writing, English/literature, and mathematics) and maintain an adequate grade point in their major, in all education courses, and cumulatively.

Background Check

A Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) background check is required before students are allowed to participate in experiences in the field. UIU does not discriminate in acceptance or in placement for field experience and student teaching on the basis of sex, age, race, color, creed, disability or national/ethnic origin.


Students seeking initial licensure are strongly advised to re-take education methods courses if such courses were completed prior to 10 years from initial enrollment at Upper Iowa. Students must complete their program requirements within seven years of initial enrollment or be subject to current program requirements. In addition, changes in licensure requirements of the Iowa Department of Education may affect requirements for students.

Upper Iowa University's Teacher Education Program is approved by the Iowa State Board of Education. Individuals seeking teacher licensure must complete the approved requirements of the Teacher Education Program to be recommended for teacher licensure.

Note: To obtain teacher licensure from the State of Iowa, individuals need to be at least 21 years of age.


Students may prepare for a teaching license with an elementary classroom endorsement (grades K-6) by completing an elementary education major and a specific content area endorsement.

Students may prepare for secondary classroom endorsement (grades 5-12) in a specific content area by completing the professional education requirements (the professional education core) and required content area courses in the content major as listed in Upper Iowa's approved programs on file with the Iowa Department of Education.

Those who hold a license to teach may add an additional endorsement or endorsements at the K-8 and 5-12 levels.

Contact the Director of Teacher Education for specific requirements of the K-8 and 5-12 endorsements and to learn the requirements for obtaining certification to teach additional grade levels or subject matter.

Through cooperation with the UIU Division of Liberal Arts, teaching licensure is available in American government, American history, art, economics, English/language arts, journalism, psychology, reading, social studies, sociology, Spanish, and speech communications.

Through cooperation with the Division of Business and the Division of Science and Mathematics, licensure is also offered in business–general, business–marketing/management, earth science, economics, biology, chemistry, general science, mathematics and physical science.

Through a unique partnership with Northeast Iowa Community College, Upper Iowa offers a program which can lead to a teaching career in secondary industrial technology.

The endorsement areas and grade levels in which a student may be prepared at Upper Iowa University are as follows:

Pre-K-3 with Special Education
Athletic Coach (K-12)
Elementary Classroom (K-6)
ESL teacher (K-12)
Pre-K-Grade 3
Art (K-8, 5-12)
Business-General Business (5-12)
Business – Marketing/Management (5-12)
English/Language Arts (K-8, 5-12)
Health (K-8, 5-12)
Foreign Language-Spanish (K-8, 5-12)
Industrial Technology (5-12)
Journalism (5-12)
Mathematics (K-8, 5-12)
Physical Education (K-8, 5-12)
Reading (K-8, 5-12)
Basic Science (K-8)
Science-Biological (5-12)
Science-Chemistry (5-12)
Earth Science (5-12)
General Science (5-12)
Physical Science (5-12)
Science: All Science I (5-8)
Science: All Science II (9-12)
Social Science – American Government (5-12)
Social Science- American History (5-12)
Social Science – Economics (5-12)
Social Science-Psychology (5-12)
Social Science – Sociology (5-12)
All Social Science (5-12)
Speech-Communication/Theatre (K-8, 5-12)
Middle School Classroom (5-8)
Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate Disabilities (K-8)
Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate Disabilities (5-12)
Instructional Strategist II: Behavior Disorders/Learning Disabilities (K-12)

Teacher education courses are available at the Fayette campus and selected UIU educational centers. Course descriptions and degree requirements are available in the current catalog.


To be admitted to the Upper Iowa Teacher Education program, students must meet standards required by the University for licensure and, if seeking initial licensure, satisfactorily complete EDU 110 Foundations of American Education (this course cannot be transferred in). For additional requirements, contact the UIU Andres School of Education. Application for admission to the Teacher Education Program will be made following the successful completion of EDU 110 Foundations of American Education. Applications for admission to Teacher Education are approved by the Teacher Education Committee and forwarded to the Andres School of Education for formal acceptance.


  • Successfully complete EDU 110 Foundations of American Education with a grade of "c" or above and successfully complete the Foundations practicum (completed 20 hours, was prompt, score "Fair" or better on personal attributes.)
  • Earn an Upper Iowa University cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.70 or above.
  • Have positive recommendations from two learner-selected instructional staff members, learner must have a "Teacher Education Dispositions Rubric: Admittance to Teacher Education Program" overall score of 10 or higher.
  • Pass the College Basic Academic Skills Exam (C-BASE) in Reading and Literature, Writing, and Mathematics with the following minimum scores:
    • Reading and Literature - 235
    • Writing - 235
    • Mathematics – 235

(Each section of the exam may be taken an unlimited number of times. Praxis I PPST scores of 170 minimum are also accepted.)

Student Teaching

Student teaching, the teacher education capstone experience, takes place at the end of the program. Requirements for student teaching must be met. Application for student teaching must be filed according to the deadlines established by the Teacher Education Program. Failure to adhere to deadlines may delay student teaching placement. Students will not be allowed to register for any courses during the terms in which their student teaching will take place.

Teachers who are already licensed at a particular level (i.e., K-6) and seeking an endorsement at a new level (i.e., 5-12) will need to complete student teaching at the new level. Other requirements may also apply.


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