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Mike S.

"As a non-traditional student returning to school 15 years after high-school, the idea of college was a daunting prospect. My goal was simply to get a degree and move on. Little did I know that my passion for learning would be ignited. The UIU History Major requires its students to think critically about social justice issues throughout the world over the breadth of human history. I am constantly challenged by the faculty to ask the important questions including who, what, where, when and why as well as to seek out the more important significance of events, people and places that have changed our world. This ability to think critically along with the new skills I have developed in research, comprehension and writing has benefited me in my personal and professional careers. I am now setting my sights on grad-school and am excited about the prospect."

Mike Strydom
Class of 2015
History Major

The History Major at UIU focuses on the idea of Social Justice within the context of both the United States and the world. Students will research and critically analyze the ways in which societies throughout time have privileged certain groups of people while oppressing others. In addition to History courses and as part of the major students will also take at least two upper-division courses from related disciplines outside History to give added context to the idea of Social Justice.

A major in history works well as part of a double major or paired with several minors. Completion of a history major can lead to careers in teaching, government agencies, politics or the foreign service, as well as working with historical societies or libraries. A history major is also good pre-professional preparation for graduate school or law school.

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