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Built For Life



November 15, 2017

July and August 2017 Graduates

November 7, 2017

For 25 years, Upper Iowa University-Wausau Center has been providing its students an Education Built for Life. In honor of the center's 25th anniversary, Upper Iowa University will host an open house on Monday, November 13.

October 30, 2017

Upper Iowa University's Center for International Education (CIE) is encouraging the entire Peacock community to "Be Your Own Compass" as part of International Education Week Monday, November 13 through Friday, November 17.

Event IconNov. 13 - 17
International Education Week

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Event IconNov. 16
Colorado Alumni Events - Denver

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Event IconNov. 17
Colorado Alumni Events - Fort Collins

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Event IconNov. 18
Colorado Alumni Events - Colorado Springs

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Upcoming 2017 Alumni Events

International Education Week
(Nov. 13 - 17)
Celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange programs worldwide
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Thanksgiving Break
(Nov. 23 - 24)

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