Residency Policy 

Student studying in Garbee Hall. In accordance with University policy, all students are required to live three years in the Upper Iowa University residence halls during their four years of college. The residence hall facilities are equipped to comfortably accommodate the majority of students needing housing.

All students living in the residence halls will be charged a housing deposit of $150 for the academic year. This deposit is refundable, provided that students follow the proper checkout procedures and have no outstanding University debts. For a newly enrolled student the deposit is refundable through March 15 of the academic year. The housing deposit, along with the $100 advance tuition deposit is to be sent to Admissions and both will be credited to the student's account.

Please note: Any debts exceeding the amount of the deposit will be billed to the student. Deposits will be carried forward to the next academic year for returning students. New students will be assigned rooms in the residence halls upon receipt of the deposit. The University reserves the right to make housing adjustments when necessary.

Exceptions to the residence policy are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The following are the exceptions:

  • Live in Primary Residence within 30 miles of Fayette for 365 days prior to enrollment
  • Qualifies as a commuter by living in primary residence with a parent or guardian within 30 miles of Fayette for 365 days prior to enrollment;
  • Is enrolling in the 5th semester or more of his/her college education after having transferred to UIU from another accredited institution;
  • Provides documentation supporting a need for accommodation that is satisfied by residing off campus;
  • Is married or has dependent children;
  • Is 22 years of age or older. 

Students are normally assigned two per room in the residence halls. Those who request single rooms will be accommodated when rooms are available, at an additional room charge.

All students returning on-campus must fill out a housing contract during the spring of each year for the subsequent fall semester. The Resident Housing and Boarding Contract will be mailed to new students. Housing is available to students throughout the year, except for the winter break.