General/Parent Information

Where Can I Send Mail To My student?

The student mailroom is located in the Student Center. Residents will receive their mailbox keys. Commuting students may request a mailbox assignment. Students can receive packages and regular mail at the following addresses (all mail will be delivered to the mailroom):

For US postal mail please send to: 
Student Name
P.O. Box 1857
Fayette, IA 52142        

For Packages please send to:
Student Name
605 Washington St. 
Fayette, IA 52142       

NOTE: Please do not use nicknames. 

Where Can My Student Open A Bank Account, Cash Checks, Or Get Money Wired?

There is a bank located in Fayette on Main Street called, First State Bank, which is within walking distance from the campus. Several banks are also available in West Union and Oelwein.

What If My Student Has Special Dietary Needs?

Our food service provider understands the dietary restrictions of students and hosts a variety of entrées and side dishes that should suite almost any dietary need. To see their menu please click here.

Fayette Is Rural, Where Can My Student Buy Food, Go Shopping, Etc?

Fayette has a grocery store called Gavin’s INC within walking distance from the campus. West Union and Oelwein also have a variety of grocery stores and small shopping stores. Students are able to sign up in The Office of Student Development for the mall trip every Sunday that takes them to Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Independence or Decorah. 

Who Can I Call If I Have A Residence Life Oriented Complaint?

If your student has issues or complaints we first encourage that they attempt a solution on their own or talk with their RA. However, if the issues cannot be resolved and further action needs to be taken, please feel free to contact the individuals below:

  • If your student lives in Garbee Hall, Lee Towers, or Hofmaster Apartments please contact Jean Merkle.
  • If your student lives in The Suites please contact Amanda Passmore.

What Are The Policies That My Student Must Follow While Living In A Residence Hall?

Community living means that we expect every resident to behave in a respectful manner. If you are curious as to what our policies on guests, pets, quiet hours, alcohol, behaviors, etc. are, please read the student handbook carefully. We provide the handbook to the students and hold them responsible for all information listed. It is your students’ responsibility to know and understand all policies while living in or visiting a Residence Hall. Please click here to view the Student Handbook. 

What Should My Student Do If They Are Ill?

If your student is seriously ill, please have them contact all of their instructors and encourage them to see a doctor. Usually, if a student can provide a doctor’s note, instructors are willing to work with the student. The Office of Student Development can set up appointments for students. Each student is required to purchase the student health insurance plan if they do not already have one. 

Where Can My Student Buy Text Books?

Text books can be ordered online or at the UIU Bookstore. Students have the opportunity to sell back their books at the end of each semester in the bookstore. Please click here for more information regarding Text Book ordering.

Where Can My Student Rent A Loft, MicroFridge, Or Purchase Linens?

We understand that many of our students are not from nearby areas and need the option to rent lofts, microfridges and linens. Please click on the links below for more information on what's available to students.