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Evacuation Locations by Building 

Building  Evacuation Location 
Alexander-Dickman Hall Oval Lawn
Andres Center Grace Meyer Square
Baker Hebron Science Hall Grace Meyer Square
Colgrove-Walker Peacock Plaza
Dorman Gymnasium Oval Lawn
Edgar Fine Arts Oval Lawn
Facilities Management and Services Car Wash Parking Lot
Garbee Hall – Students Tennis Courts
Garbee Hall – Professional Staff Grace Meyer Square
Henderson-Wilder Library Oval Lawn
Hofmaster Methodist Church Parking Lot
International House War Memorial Lawn
Lee Tower South Village Lawn
Liberal Arts Oval Lawn
Parker Fox Oval Lawn
Pavo Blue Main Street Empty Lot
Professional Building Methodist Church Parking Lot
Recreation Center Grace Meyer Square
Stadium Soccer Field
Student Center Grace Meyer Square
SV 1,2,3 South Village Lawn