Campus Police

In an emergency, call 911 (6-911 from a Fayette campus phone).
To report a crime that is occurring, call 911 (6-911 from a Fayette campus phone).

Security on the Fayette campus is provided by the Fayette Police Department. The Campus Police office is located in the Student Center next to the Hub on the first floor.

Campus Police Contact: 
Office Phone: 563-425-5372

Emergency Telephone Numbers (from campus phones):

Office Phone Number from Campus Phone
Fire Department - Fayette 6-911
Ambulance - Fayette 6-911
Police - Fayette Emergency 6-911
Police - Fayette Non-Emergency 6-425-3500
Sheriff - West Union 6-1-563-422-3234
Gundersen Palmer Lutheran Clinic - Fayette 6-425-3381
Gundersen Palmer Lutheran Clinic - West Union 6-1-800-822-1141 or 6-1-563-422-3817
Gundersen Palmer Lutheran Hospital - West Union 6-1-563-422-3811
Mercy Hospital - Oelwein 6-1-319-283-6000
NE Iowa Behavioral Health - Oelwein 6-1-319-283-5774
NE Iowa Behavioral Health - Decorah 6-1-563-382-3649

Campus Telephone Numbers (from campus phones)

Office Campus Telephone Numbers (from Campus Phone)
Dean of Students 5765
Residence Area Coordinator (Garbee Hall) 5928
Residence Area Coordinator (South Villages) 5207
Student Life 5215
Counseling Office 5786
Facilities Management & Services 5796
Main Switchboard 7000