Resources for Faculty/Staff

Please see some of the other tabs on the main page for Counseling and Wellness Service's in order to access resources. There are a variety of resources for students who are either veterans or active duty military personal on the Military Service Personal tabOnline resources has a wide range of web site resources which are topic specific, as well as some student based organization such as The Jed Foundation which offers resources for staff and faculty in order to meet the mental health needs of today's students. Please see the below list of resources specific to staff and faculty, but also see the Online Resources for further resources regarding specific issues such as depression, brain injury, PTSD and suicide.

Faculty/Staff Interactive Training Module: Student Mental Health

Counseling and Consulting Services at the University of Minnesota developed an interactive training module that provides actual practice for faculty and staff in talking with students and making mental health referrals. Counseling and Consulting Services has graciously offered the use of this excellent training module by other colleges and universities.

This module may be found at the University of Minnesota website