Peacocks for Progress: Giving Back to the Community 

Group of studentsPeacocks for Progress

Peacocks for Progress is an organization located on the Fayette campus developed to promote civic responsibility in the Fayette community, Upper Iowa University campus, and the world, by working together to create a fun, safe, and beautiful living environment.  The objective of Peacocks for Progress is to create, plan, market, implement, and evaluate community service.  This objective helps both the people in need in the community, and the students of Upper Iowa University by encouraging them to get involved with civic engagement.

For the Community

Peacocks for Progress was developed by the Office of Student Development during the 2004-2005 school year.  This development united the Fayette Community and the Upper Iowa University Campus so that they could work together to create a fun, safe, and beautiful living environment.  The Governor’s Volunteer Award was initiated in 2006, which allowed community members to send in requests for community service projects to the Office of Student Development located on the Fayette Campus with a donation (free will offering).  Any donations may be made after the community service project is provided and Upper Iowa University's Clubs and Organizations take care of the rest. Along with the request for services you will be asked to include any and all supplies needed to complete the task or arrange for special accommodations through the Director of Leadership and Adventure. All projects will be done on a first come, first serve basis. The projects must meet Upper Iowa University's liability standards. Safety first! Projects completed only when volunteers are able. All donations received will go toward community enhancement or Fayette Appreciation Day costs. Peacocks for Progress is an ongoing program.

Never hesitate to call with projects to make your backyard and Fayette a better place to live!

For the Students

Peacocks for Progress was established as a club on the Upper Iowa University Campus at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year. Through this club, members lead, create, facilitate, organize, and volunteer in different community service projects around the Northeast Iowa area. Some examples include: volunteering with residents at Maple Crest Manor and Assisted Living, students at North Fayette Junior High, cleanup projects both on and off campus, food and toy drives, and the facilitation of Fayette Appreciation Day. Any students who want to be involved and give back are strongly encouraged to join this rewarding club.

Why Join? 

By joining Peacocks for Progress you are enhancing your college experience in many ways through community service, volunteerism, and service learning.  Students who participate in this organization gain: a strong sense of self-worth and pride, new experiences, new friends, new possibilities, increased independence and managerial skills, improved decision-making abilities, visibility and prestige in the community and on the job, personal growth, contacts for job advancement, and satisfaction from helping to build a stronger and safer community!  Peacocks for Progress helps students become aware of the needs of others and learn the importance of unselfish serving and giving.  It links members to the wider community and exposes them to people and situations outside of their previous experiences.

If you have any questions, are interested in joining, or need volunteers, please contact:

Daryl Grove
Assistant Dean of Student Life
(563) 425-5209

Hannah Dotter
Peacocks for Progress President and Civic Engagement Student Manager
(612) 834-5461