Volunteering as a Peacock

In support of Fayette Appreciation Day at Upper Iowa University, we invite all students, employees, clubs, organizations, athletic teams, and alumni to participate in this day full of volunteering in and around the Fayette community. Recording your service hours is helpful for students to keep track of how many hours they have served and engaged in service-learning throughout the academic year. Volunteering is a great enhancement to one’s resume and even scholarship applications.

Both community service hours done on personal time, and within the University (e.g., Fayette Appreciation Day, Peacocks for Progress, class, athletics, & clubs and organizations) can be recorded.

Please document your volunteer hours by completing this form.


Find a place in to volunteer in Northeast Iowa by checking out this list of organizations: [Volunteer Opportunities]. Not located in Northeast Iowa, search for a place to volunteer by typing in your zip code on one of the following national sites:

For additional assistance or questions you can contact:

Daryl Grove                                                 
Assistant Dean of Students                     

Bethany Stock
Graduate Assistant for Student Activities