Quips, Quotes, and Short Stories from the Archives

From Roger Bowen, class of 1955, UIU admissions counselor, assistant dean of men, and registrar until 1978.

"I had the great pleasure of meeting Louie Armstrong and his wife. The student group I sponsored at Upper Iowa University signed a contract with Louie and his band to perform. It was a full house. After the concert I was the only one in the gym-or thought I was--making sure all was secure before turning out the lights. Louie and his wife surprised me when they walked down the center aisle so they stopped, we shook hands and had a brief conversation. This was in the High School gym in Fayette, Ia."

-Archivist's note: Armstrong played at the Fayette High School gymnasium April 12, 1961, sponsored by the Mu Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega.

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