Oral Histories

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Bowen, Roger

Roger Bowen (Class of 1955) co-authored University Recruits, Company C, 12th Iowa Infantry Regiment 1861-66 with UIU Professor Charles Clark about the Upper Iowa University students who volunteered to fight in the Civil War.  After Bowen graduated from UIU he served in both the U.S. Naval Reserve and the Air Force. He returned from the service and took positions with Upper Iowa as admissions counselor, assistant dean of men, and registrar.  He was instrumental in coordinating the Off-Campus Degree Program spearheaded by then-Vice President Charles Clark.

Bowen talks about the UIU Civil War soldiers, their part in the Battle of Shiloh, and David B. Henderson, after whom the UIU Library is named.  

Cass, Foster

Foster Cass (Class of 1941) grew up in Fayette.  He was a student at the University when the United States joined World War II after Pearl Harbor.  Cass got his pilot's license from UIU then joined the Navy, serving as a member of the first crew of the USS Fayette.   

Cass talks about living, working, and going to school in Fayette, meeting his wife at the UIU Library, serving in the Navy, moving to California and coming back for homecomings.  He says that UIU did a lot for him, and he tries to pay it back.  

Didier, Leota
1.    Greatest memory of Upper Iowa
2.    Story of coming to Upper Iowa

Hoth, Betty
1.    Being a non-traditional student
2.    Betty Hoth Favorite Class
3.    Good memories of Fayette
4.    Ms. Meyer
5.    On graduating from Upper Iowa
6.    Professor Clark
7.    UIU professors taught us in our towns

Hough, Emma
1.    Activities at Upper Iowa
2.    Being a woman on campus in the 1920s
3.    English professor at Upper Iowa
4.    Sneaking downstairs at South Hall

Prochaska, Bill
5.    Another college tries to prank UIU
6.    Baseball trips in van
7.    Bill Andres resurrected UIU
8.    Coached baseball for 16 years
9.    Coached for 31 years
10.    Coming back to UIU (parts 1, 2, and 3)
11.    Coming back to Upper Iowa in 1971
12.    Doc Dorman Memorial and Tribute
13.    Doc's gravestone
14.    Dr. Garbee and Maltbie-McCosh
15.    Funny student stories
16.    Giving to UIU
17.    Haven't missed a homecoming since 1960
18.    Love for UIU
19.    Past players that have passed over the years
20.    Past president stories
21.    Pro's endowment
22.    Story of UIU skip day
23.    Struggled with transportation in early years
24.    Tornado hit baseball field and other changes at UIU
25.    UIU is a survivor
26.    Writing to UIU alums