Information for Online Program Current Students

Program Guidelines

Course Attendance and Participation

The Online Program course week begins on Monday and ends the following Sunday. You will be given read only access on the Friday prior to the start of the session.

You are expected to actively participate and contribute to the learning experience in your course at least four of each seven day academic week. Participation means providing substantive comments, questions and contributions that advance the learning process for you and other learners in the course.

Attainment of the minimum expected participation is repre¬sentative of an average learner. Participation in excess of the minimum is expected of superior learners. For grading purposes, the faculty member will determine the number and quality of postings for participation. If you actively participate in the course, you should not have an attendance issue.

If you do not meet the minimum attendance requirement (post in any area of the online classroom) for 14 consecutive days, you will receive an AW for the course which may affect your financial aid funds for payment of the course. Financial aid and tuition adjustments will be calculated based on the day you last posted to the online classroom. Merely logging into the online classroom website is not considered a posting for attendance or participation purposes.

Collaborative Learning

Online courses may incorporate one or more collaborative learning assignments that utilize “virtual teaming”. In collaborative assignments, a group of students works on and submits an assignment as a team.

Validation of Enrollment/Non-Attendance

Enrollment for each online course must be validated by attend¬ing class (posting one or more times to any area of the online classroom) during the first seven days of the session. Failure to validate enrollment will result in a grade of NA (never attended) and removal from the course. An NA will be recorded on your transcript and financial aid funding may be affected.

Withdrawal Procedure

If you wish to withdraw from an active course, you must complete a withdrawal form available through myUIU and submit the form to prior to the published last day to drop a class, which is the last day of the of the fifth week of the ses¬sion. A grade of W will be recorded on the transcript. Informing the course faculty member is not sufficient notice for a drop or withdrawal.

Administrative Withdrawal

Prior to the last date to withdraw, if a student stops attending (has not posted one or more notes to any area of the online classroom) for 14 consecutive days, the university will initiate an administrative withdrawal. A grade of AW will be recorded in the student’s permanent record. Administrative withdrawal will affect financial aid funding.

Technical Requirements

It is UIU’s goal to make the student’s learning experience the best it can be. One way to achieve this goal is to ensure that certain essential tools are available when the student accesses their web-based course. Information related to technical require¬ments for the Upper Iowa University learning management system, uiuLearn, can be found under the browser information section on the uiuLearn homepage at The system automatically checks the user’s browser to determine its compatibility. A message will appear if compatibility is not met. In the event issues arise, support information is also location at uiuLearn.

Web-based Classroom

The UIU Online Program utilizes Desire2Learn Brightspace learning management system (LMS). UIU has branded the LMS with the name uiuLearn. All students who enroll in online classes are expected to complete the student orientation tutorial and have appropriate knowledge to use the system effectively. The system is supported by a 24/7 helpdesk available at help¬ or 877-325-7778. Failure to post correctly and submit assignments/exams as required does not provide the basis for appeals of tuition and/or resubmission. The classroom can be found at Students in the online classroom must activate their email.

Individuals interested in learning more about the online classroom can visit the Demo Course at The Demo Course offers individuals the opportunity to see what the course will look like using uiuLearn.


As a candidate for graduation, regardless of whether you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, you must file an application for graduation with your academic advisor. There is an application fee of $70 to be paid whether you attend the commencement ceremony or not.