Information for Self-Paced Degree Program: 
Current Students

Course Schedule

Registration and Enrollment

The program features twelve start dates each year.  You can take up to six-months to complete your course. The term dates and course availability are available here.

Current students register through myUIU

Most active UIU students register through myUIU, Upper Iowa University's online portal. Access to myUIU is on the website at Step-by-step instructions for course registration are listed on the student tab and also found under the student handouts portlet. All students are issued a username and password through their program/center after their first Upper Iowa University registration.

To access the appropriate term on myUIU, students will select the Self-Paced term for the next available monthly start date. At the point where course selections are displayed, students will need to select the desired format, paper or web-based. Course codes including the letter "P" to designate paper-based, and "W" to denote courses offered through the web-based format.

New students must register for their first class with their admissions advisor.

Tuition payment is due prior to the first day of class either by check or credit card. Payment may be made through the myUIU portal in a secure environment.

All Active Duty Military

Active-duty Army and Army Reserve personnel must register through the GoArmyEd portal.

All other military personnel using Tuition Assistance (TA) must submit an approved TA form prior to the first day of class. If you need assistance applying for Military Tuition Assistance, please contact your respective education office.

Helpful resources when applying for Military Tuition Assistance:

Program Details

Self-Paced Degree courses are offered in paper and web-based formats. All course requirements may be completed entirely at a distance with no on-campus attendance.

Online Format

After enrollments are processed each month, learners will receive communication with details regarding course access. As you move through the course, you will submit each assignment electronically using the LearningStudio, UIU's learning management system. Students who select the web-based format will need to have access to a computer and the Internet.

Technical Requirements for Web-based Format

It is UIU's goal to make the student's learning experience the best it can be. One way to achieve this goal is to ensure that certain essential tools are available when the student accesses their web-based course. The technical requirements for the Upper Iowa University learning management system can be reviewed in the technical requirement section. Some courses may have specific technology requirements. See the registration area of myUIU for additional details.

Paper-based Format

You will receive a print or PDF version of the course guide approximately 2 days prior to the beginning of the term. The course guide will include textbook information and detailed instructions for completing your course. The guide provides structured lessons that contain an introduction, assigned readings, and written assignments. Course guides for the print format will be sent by U.S. mail or email. Lessons may be submitted for grading by U.S. mail, fax or email.


Online Format

Web-based courses may have exams but they are not proctored.

Paper-based Format

The course materials you will receive at the beginning of the course will explain what exams are required, when to request the exams and what material will be covered. You will need to make arrangements to complete your examinations under the supervision of a qualified proctor (someone to administer the exam). You must bring a photo I.D. with you to the exam.

Approved exam proctors are:

    • school principals
    • superintendents
    • guidance counselors
    • full-time school or public librarians
    • testing centers at an accredited community college/college/university
    • embassy officials
    • military education officers or test control officers
    • company education directors, directors of training and development or human resource directors (learner must be employed by the company).
    • professional exam center
    • UIU education center staff

NOTE: Teachers, employers, relatives, close friends, and other UIU learners cannot serve as proctors. Exams will not be sent to residential locations.

Time Limits

You have six months from the date of your enrollment to complete a self-paced course. You should begin work on the course immediately upon enrollment and begin submitting lessons for grading and evaluation on a regular basis.  If no course work has been submitted within the first two month, an administrative withdrawal will be processed.  A steady work flow will assure your successful completion of the course in the least amount of time.

After your original six-month enrollment period has passed, student will be allowed to request an extension and receive an “I” (incomplete grade) at the end of their original six month enrollment period if: a minimum of one assignment has been received for grading per guidelines, AND all course units and exams are not completed and submitted, OR a course withdrawal has not been initiated.  NOTE: The fee for a self-paced extension is $99 per course.  The request for an extension must be submitted no earlier than one month before the end of the courses and no later than a week before the end of the course.  If the course extension is not completed, you will be issued a final grade based on the work submitted as compared to the total required.  


Learners who have reached their six month end date and have made satisfactory progress toward course completion may apply for one four-month extension following the appropriate procedures outline in the current university catalog. The cost for an extension is $99.  

Refund Policy and Course Withdrawal

Withdrawing from classes is an expensive decision and may change the amount of, or eligibility to receive, financial aid. Staff members are available to discuss this decision with you. A grade of W (withdrawal) is recorded for any course from which a learner withdraws.

Upon receiving a request for withdrawal, using the number of lessons submitted as compared to the total due, a refund of tuition is made according to the following guidelines.

Withdrawal Date Refund Percentage
On or before the first day of the enrollment period* 100%
After the first lesson through 10% of the enrollment period 90%
After the first 10% through the first 25% of the enrollment period 50%
After the first 25% of the enrollment period 0%

* An enrollment period is defined as the number of lessons to be submitted during a six-month period of time, as determined by the university, during which semester credits are earned toward graduation. The refund/repayments shall be calculated using the percentages noted above as determined using the number of lessons completed and the number of lessons yet to be submitted.

Learners who withdraw from a course prior to submitting the first lesson or who are administratively withdrawn for non-submission of lessons will be charged an administrative fee.

Learners using financial aid should refer to the Financial Aid website for specific information regarding refunds.

Administrative Withdrawal

A grade of AW (administrative withdrawal) is recorded for any course from which a learner is administratively withdrawn. At least one assignment must be submitted to the instructor within the first two months of the enrollment period or the learner will be administratively withdrawn from the course.

Contact Information

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