The program, offered in both paper and web-based formats, is specifically designed to make learning as flexible as possible.  More than 100 courses are available and you can take up to six months to complete each course.

Self-Paced Degree Program

The Upper Iowa University Self-Paced Degree Program offers two convenient formats to complete your coursework, web-based and paper-based.  The self-paced program offers multiple majors for students looking to earn their associates, bachelors, or certificate.  

  • Complete your full degree through either Self-Paced degree program
  • Federal Financial Aid is available (for those who qualify)
  • Classes start on the 1st day of each month
  • Difference between Paper-based and Web-based
    • Paper-based
      • Does not require a computer
      • Assignment submitted to instructor by mail or email
      • Exams are conducted through use of a proctor 
    • Web-based
      • Computer and internet access is required
      • Assignments and exams are completed through our web-based classroom
      • Demo Course available 
  • Military Friendly
  • Corporate Advantage Program
  • Catalog

What makes a successful student?

Self-paced courses offer students opportunities to learn in new ways and makes learning available to many who cannot attend a traditional class. However, self-paced study courses are not for everybody, just as not every student is successful in traditional college classes. To be successful, students who study at a distance should be able to:

  • Practice time management
  • Write well
  • Think critically
  • Participate actively

Transcripts can be mailed to: 

Upper Iowa University
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Fax: 563-425-5287

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