UIU Guidelines

Below is a brief overview of UIU's social media guidelines. Guidelines may change periodically and should be honored in place of older versions of the guide. 

Should I Create a Social Media Account for my Department or Organization?

Upper Iowa University encourages the leaders of our academic and athletic departments, social groups, and student organizations to consider joining the official UIU social media community. Social media tools allow you to personalize your message and engage your audience one-on-one. Below are some things to consider before joining along with helping you determine which tool is the best for your intended purpose.

Things to Consider Before Joining:

Using social media requires pre-planning, active management, and a time commitment. Before creating an account, consider if it is the right move for your department or organization. 

  • What are my goals with utilizing social media? Have I thought about the short-term and long-term objectives?
  • Do I have the time necessary to maintain the account? Creating these accounts requires maintaining them with consistent posting of newsworthy and relevant content. 
  • Does an existing account already cover the distribution of this information?
  • Who is your audience and what is the size of the audience you want to reach? Is this tool effective based on this target audience's size? 
  • Is your content very specific or relevant to the UIU audience at large? 
  • How am I going to market this tool to the intended audience? Through emails, advertisements, website, etc.? 
  • Who besides myself will help me update/maintain this site? 
  • Am I good with technology and am I familiar with it?

As account managers, you will be responsible for creating and updating content on your social media accounts. The UIU Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to access and manage Official UIU Accounts. They reserve the right to edit, post and delete content as appropriate. The right to seize and shut down access if necessary is also reserved.

Your registration with OCM must be updated whenever new account managers have been removed or added by emailing socialmedia@uiu.edu

Your account will be added to the list of social media accounts. 

To request an account, please fill out the application and email it to socialmedia@uiu.edu with subject line "UIU Application" to apply. 

Account Manager Guidelines/Best Practices

These guidelines are for primary and secondary account administrators at UIU. 

Audience: Always acknowledge who your audience is. Be precise in your tone, topic and writing style. All posts should be written for them. 

Content: Post different types of content to keep the audience interested. Post questions, videos, pictures, trivia and contests. Keep it interesting. Good content is the key to engagement. Remember, content always trumps tools. 

Embed: When possible, post photos and videos on the page so the user does not have to leave the page to view the content. 

Emergencies: If there is a safety concern from a post on an account administered by you, contact Public Authorities immediately. After, send an email to socialmedia@uiu.edu with a screen shot of the post. 

Engage: Social media is a two-way street. Reply to your audience within 24 hours of posting questions/comments and ask the audience what they think. Some of the best ideas come from listening closely. 

Events: Announcements of events should use #upperiowa, the official UIU hashtag. 

Fairness: Don't favor one area/unit over another. If there are dozens of content contributors on each page, be sure to recognize everyone. 

Flexibility: Upper Iowa University accounts are constantly evolving. Be flexible. Try new things. Ask for ideas. 

Frequency: Each primary page should post an average of 3 times a week. Secondary accounts should post at least once a week. 

Measure: On a monthly basis, review the number of followers and posts in relation to engagement levels. The goal is to see overall improvement. 

Share: When appropriate, tag or repost from primary and secondary pages to increase cross-promotion.  

Upper Iowa University: As with everything we do, remember that our goal is to share something good about Upper Iowa University. Keep the institutional position in mind and think about how you can share UIU's best stories in a creative way. 

Content Creation Checklist

Before submitting a post to one of UIU's social media platforms, consider the following questions:

  1. Is social media the best outlet for this content?
  2. If so, what social media outlet is the best? One? Multiple?
  3. Who is the audience? 
  4. Would I be interested in this content?
  5. Have I already posted to the social media site today?
  6. When should I post? Day? Time?
  7. What is the call to action? What do I want the audience to do?
  8. Is the post grammatically correct?
  9. How can I make my post more interesting? Photo, video, links, etc.?
  10. Did I use the correct hashtags? 

If you would like to submit content to one of UIU's official social media accounts, please click here. 

Crisis Management

When a crisis arises, social media can be an amazing tool to share and respond to information quickly. 

Information posted on social media channels during such an event should direct followers to the Upper Iowa University homepage for more information. 

All secondary accounts should follow the lead of UIU's primary accounts on Facebook and Twitter. If the situation is severe, the Office of Communications and Marketing will spread the key messages to primary and secondary page administrators to be posted on social media platforms. 

In the event of a crisis, contact socialmedia@uiu.edu for approved messages.