UIU ALERT: Thursday, Feb. 22 - Fort Riley is closed. Fort Riley classes are canceled. Fort Sill is closed. Fort Sill classes, including those at the Lawton-Goodyear location, are canceled. Fort Polk and DeRidder offices are closed. Fort Polk and DeRidder classes will be held as normal on Thursday, Feb. 22.

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unique course schedule 

With flexibility and a commitment to high standards and quality, Upper Iowa’s academic year consists of six 8-week sessions. This unique schedule allows students to register for only two courses most sessions and still graduate in four years.

Unique Course Schedule 

While students may register for more classes during each 8-week session, UIU's unique course schedule allows you more time to master your studies and fully experience life on campus. Better yet - you can still graduate in four years. 

  • Four 8-week sessions with an optional May session
  • Allow for higher comprehension and achievement by concentrating on fewer classes at one time
  • Additional time for activities outside of the classroom
  • Graduate in 4 years

2017-18 Academic Calendar

Session 1 Break Session 2 Winter Break Session 3 Session 4  Spring Break
Aug 28 - Oct 19 Oct 20 - Oct 22 Oct 23 - Dec 14  Dec 21 - Jan 2  Jan 8 - Mar 1  Mar 12 - May 3   Mar 30 - Apr 1 

EXAMPLE: One-Year Schedule 

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 May Term (Optional)
(2 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
Biology/Biology Lab
(4 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
(3 Credits)
1st Semester
(15 Credits)
2nd Semester
(12 Credits)
May Term
(3 Credits)

Day of a Student at UIU

Taylor | Marketing and Management | Senior | Manchester, IA

8:30 AM: Get ready for class
9:30 AM: Breakfast at the Servery in the Student Center
10:30 AM: Corporate Finance Class
11:30 AM: Macroeconomics
1:30 PM: Lunch at the Servery in the Student Center
2:30 PM: Peacocks for Progress Meeting
3:30 PM: Work Study - Office of Admissions
4:30 PM: Exercise at the Recreation Center
5:30 PM: Group Project
6:30 PM: Supper at the Servery in the Student Center
7:30 PM: Guest Hypnotist in the Student Center
8:30 PM: Laundry
9:30 PM: Gamma Delta Phi Sorority Meeting
10:30 PM: Hang out in the dorm
11:30 PM: Sleep