International Student Assistant

Student assistantsInternational and American undergraduate students serve as International Student Assistants to support the IEP students both academically and socially. International Student Assistants assist IEP students in the following ways:

  • Mentoring Sessions
    • Exclusively for new students
    • At least four sessions per semester
    • Designed to assist with adjustment to an American university
  • Tutoring
    • Held each week for all IEP students
    • It is optional for most students but is a good opportunity to get help with homework or studying
  • Conversation Hour
    • Held once a week for all IEP students
    • Students practice English fluency through games, topic discussion and informal listening

How to Become an International Student Assistant

A potential candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Native English speaker or advanced level of English fluency (Current ESL students are not eligible)
  • Enthusiastic and strongly committed to helping people
  • Knowledgeable of American Culture
  • Knowledgeable of grammar concepts
  • Responsible, flexible, and a sincere team player
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good cross-cultural communication skills
  • A transcript that reflects diligence in academic work

For more information about the International Student Assistant Program, please contact IEP.

To apply to become an International Student Assistant, please submit an application.