Transferring Credits to UIU

Undergraduate Transfer Credit

Transfer students may expect to receive full credit for college-level courses and/or programs completed at institutions of higher education that are regionally accredited or accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education office of Post-secondary Education (USDE-OPE) or by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

Upper Iowa University will also consider acceptance of course work in transfer from:

  • International institutions that are approved/registered by their country’s Ministry of Education or other national educational governing body as reviewed and approved by Upper Iowa University.
  • International institutions where transcripts for individual students are reviewed and evaluated by an approved foreign credential evaluators service and approved by Upper Iowa University.

Course work completed at institutions that fail to meet any of the aforementioned criteria will not be accepted in transfer to Upper Iowa University.

Course work completed with formal Upper Iowa University Articulation Partnership Advantage institutions will be transferred following articulation guidelines. Course work from other accredited institutions will be transferred to meet particular degree requirements based on full-time faculty recommendations.

Grades earned in courses accepted for transfer will appear on the student's Upper Iowa University transcript, and the credits earned will count toward the total number required for graduation. However, grade points earned at another institution are not transferred and are not figured into the cumulative grade point average (GPA) maintained at Upper Iowa University, but are included in calculating the major/endorsement GPA.

Upper Iowa University may transfer up to 78 lower division college semester credits from accredited institutions. These 78 semester credits may include:

  1. No more than nine semester credits from Exercise and Sport Studies (EXSS) activity courses, including transcripted intercollegiate athletics.
  2. No credits from courses identified by Upper Iowa University as remedial or developmental level (except for articulated intensive English credits from partner institutions).
  3. No more than 30 semester credits from one year occupational diploma programs.

Upper Iowa University may transfer an additional 12 semester credits, identified by the transfer institution as upper division credit, to a transfer maximum of 90 semester credits.

Up to 78 lower division semester credits and 12 upper division semester credits evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) and semester credits earned through CLEP, DSST, Excelsior College and ACT-PEP examinations will transfer to Upper Iowa University.

Transfer grades lower than a C- will not be accepted.

Upper Iowa University will accept AA or AS degrees with a liberal arts core as fulfillment of the general education requirements for a baccalaureate program. Upper Iowa University will also accept associate degrees with a major in nursing from registered nurses (must have current license) as fulfillment of its general education requirements for the BSN program. Prerequisites are not waived.

Transferring Graduate Credits

The MBA, M.Ed, MPA, MSC and MSA programs will accept up to 12 relevant graduate credits from graduate institutions and/or programs accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Post-secondary Education (USDE-OPE) or by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Transfer credit should be arranged at the time of application. Only courses in which the student has earned a grade of B or above are eligible for transfer. All graduate transfer credit is subject to review and credit will be transferred only from institutions recognized by the above listed agencies or graduate level ACE evaluated coursework. Experential learning without an ACE recommendation is not an option in the graduate program. All credit transferred must be closely related to the student’s program. The substitution of any transferred course for a core or emphasis course will be based on an evaluation of the student’s exposure to equivalent subject matter. Approved transfers of credit will be officially recorded after the student is accepted in the program and completed at least one course with Upper Iowa University. All requests for transfer of credit must be submitted in writing by the student to the graduate academic advisor, Upper Iowa University, PO Box 1857, Fayette, IA 52142.