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Upper Iowa offers a wide variety of educational opportunities tailored to fit the dynamic lifestyle of today's military personnel and their families. Upper Iowa has been named a top Military-Friendly University by Military Advanced Education and VIQTORY.  We are proud to be a participating institution in the Principles of Excellence and Yellow Ribbon programs.

Flexibility is the key to educational opportunities for today’s service members, giving you the opportunity to fulfill your military commitment without leaving your career objectives behind. Depending on your schedule and location, you can take courses in an educational classroom while you’re on base, online when you’re not on base, and as self-paced study if you don’t have reliable access to a computer and a modem. Our portable learning programs go with you-from home, to the military installation, to the field, sea, or air-no matter where you are. In addition, the flexible course and assignment completion schedules work with your military commitments. UIU is accessible, no matter where you are. If you're on the move, you can combine aspects of any of the three UIU Academic Extension programs (Self-Paced Degree, Online, and Military Learning Centers) to work with your personal schedule and duty status.  Please see the Military and Veterans Information Sheet (pdf) that outlines why UIU might be right for you.

UIU has a deployment policy that allows us to work with you to help you advance towards your goals while you serve your country.

Our military-based academic advisors will help you develop a program of coursework that will advance you toward your goals and be reflective of your busy, and often-changing, lifestyle. Upper Iowa offers:

Distance Education:

The Online Program delivers courses via the Internet, bringing the classroom to your fingertips. Six eight-week terms are offered annually allowing you to begin your degree pursuit during any term.

Our Self-Paced Degree Program, offered in both paper and web-based formats, is specifically designed to make learning as flexible as possible. More than 100 courses are available and you can take up to six months to complete each course. Using texts, study guides, and other course materials, you will learn by completing specific lessons and assignments. Depending on the format of the course, assignments and communication are delivered via the web-based classroom, mail or email and you work at your own pace with your instructors.

Military Learning Centers:

UIU Military and Veterans Service Center


The Military and Veterans Service Center (MVSC) provides assistance to military and veteran students and family members in navigating admission, enrollment and financial aid processes. Led by the Director, the Military & Veterans Service Center is the primary campus advocate for military and veteran students, and works with them to ensure their unique needs are met by coordinating with offices of various university services. The Military & Veterans Service Center provides assistance in coordinating with academic advising, tutoring, counseling, disability accommodations, veteran programming, benefits information, financial aid, medical and additionally facilitates referral to state and federal resources and services.


That Upper Iowa University will be the university of choice for military personnel, veterans and their families by being one of the most military and veteran friendly universities in the nation that postures the military and veteran student and other members of the Total Military Family for success from active service, through academics, beyond graduation, to employment.

Your Continued support will facilitate and assist the MVSC to better complete its mission. Your donations to the Military and Veterans Service Center will provide resources to help the center grow with both increased operations and programming

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Military and Veterans Service Center
2nd Floor Garbee Hall (Fayette and Upper Iowa Rooms)
Phone: 563-425-5946

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