2019-20 Fee Schedule

See 2019-20 Tuition and Costs

Terms of Payment
In accordance with University policy, all semester charges are due and payable the Wednesday before start of semester/session. Payment plans must be in place by Wednesday before the start of the semester if charges and fees won’t be paid in full. Default of payment may result in the student’s enrollment being delayed or denied; satisfactory arrangements must be made before reinstatement.

Awarded financial aid eligibility is applied to the student’s account each semester upon verification of attendance. Diplomas, certificates, or transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations are met.

Students should purchase their textbooks prior to the start of their courses. Students have the option to pay for their textbooks out of pocket or use financial aid funds to pay for them using the book charge option. Students who choose to utilize the book charge option must purchase their textbooks for the semester through the university's book store vendor. Information regarding the book charge option is sent to qualifying students via their peacocks email address prior to the start of each semester.

Note: Costs and fees are effective with Session 1 registrations

Type of Fee Amount

Enrollment Deposit


Graduation Application Fee


Commencement Fee - Hong Kong

180 (HKD 1,400)

Transcripts per copy
By Mail
By Fax
By Mail and Fax

Rush Orders will be charged an additional fee



Portfolio Assessment Fee
Applicable toward semester credit charge if experiential learning credit is awarded, otherwise nonrefundable


Tuberculosis Test
Additional fees may apply


Fayette Campus Student Fee (The Student Fee is non-refundable and will not be adjusted when a student withdraws/changes enrollment status)  $875 annually

Parking Permit


ID Card Replacement


Peacock Card Replacement


Parking Fines

$10 - $100

Library Fines Varies
Disciplinary Fines $25 - $250

Residence Hall Key Replacement

$200 for Lee Apts and Hofmaster

Residence Hall Early Check-In Fee

$10 per day

Residence Hall Room Clean-Up Fines ($25 minimum) Varies - $25 minimum

Residence Hall Improper Check-Out


Orientation Fee

(includes Peacock Experience)

Fayette Passport Picture Fee


Fayette International Student Orientation Fee


Payment Plan Fee


Late Payment Fee $25

NSF Check Fee-Paper


NFS Check Fee E-Check


Portfolio Assessment Fee  (applicable toward semester credit charge if experiential learning credit is awarded; otherwise nonrefundable)


 Experiential Learning (per semester credit)


Application Fee for U.S. Center, Self-Paced Degree and U.S. Online Programs, nonrefundable, (waived for applications completed online) Incarcerated individuals only


Application Fee - Hong Kong (non-refundable)

65 (HKD 500)

 Audit Fee, per semester credit


 Extra-institutional Evaluation (per evaluation) for Law Enforcement, Fire Science, Cosmetology, Massage Therapy, Emergency and Disaster Management, Health Services Administration, and Corporate Training


Internship liability insurance, one time fee for PSY 403 only


Certificate Claim Fee


Overseas Postage for self-paced course


Self-Paced Program extension fee


Self-Paced Degree Program administrative withdrawal fee


 DSST administrative fee (plus the cost of exam)


Transcripting credit as recommended by ACE guidelines, including PEP, DSST and CLEP

No charge

Hong Kong Institutional TOEFL 116 (HKD 900)
Hong Kong Special Projects/Internship Ext. Fee 65 (HKD 500)
Hong Kong Exam Retake Fee 77 (HKD 600)
Hong Kong ID Card Replacement Fee 13 (HKD 100)

All fees are in U.S. currency.