Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) Certification Exam Prep Course

This is a preparatory course for the SHRM Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR®) certification examination. The course focuses on the six areas of the SPHR exam:

  1. Business Management & Strategy,
  2. Workforce Planning & Employment,
  3. Human Resource Development,
  4. Compensation & Benefits,
  5. Employee & Labor Relations, and
  6. Risk Management

The course provides a solid foundational prep for the SPHR examination. If the student commits to the preparatory course and studies they will gain sufficient knowledge and practice to sit for the SPHR examination. Successful completion of the exam involves application of law and/or concepts to factual scenarios*. Students should expect to spend a significant amount of study time doing actual practice questions in addition to the reading materials.

The SPHR exam is administered by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). Students are responsible for registering and paying for the exam. This is not an academic course for credit.

Course outline

MODULE ONE: Business Management and Strategy
Role of Human Resources
Strategic Planning Process
Organizational Structure
Legal and Ethical Issues

MODULE TWO: Workforce Planning and Employment
Legislations re: Employee Rights, Privacy and Consumer Protection
Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action, Gender Discrimination, Harassment.
Job Analysis and Documentation
Recruitment, Staffing
Employment Practices and Records Management

MODULE THREE: Human Resource Development
Adult Learning and Motivation
Human Resource Development Program Design, Program Implementation and Assessment
Career and Leadership Development

MODULE FOUR: Compensation and Benefits
Compensation, Compensation Systems and Pay Administration
Benefit Programs, Government-Mandated Benefits
Evaluating the Total Compensation System

MODULE FIVE: Employee and Labor Relations
Employee Involvement Strategies
Employee Relations
Discipline and Formal Complaint Resolution
Union Organizing and Collective Bargaining
Unfair Labor Practices
Public-Sector Labor Relations
International Employee and Labor Relations

MODULE SIX: Risk Management
Safety, Health and Security
Reduction or elimination of risk of loss

Methods of instruction
Lecture, group work, sample test questions.

The Ideal SPHR Candidate
  • Designs and plans rather than implements.
  • Focuses on the "big picture."
  • Has ultimate accountability in the HR department.
  • Has breadth and depth of HR generalist knowledge.
  • Uses judgment obtained with time and application of knowledge.
  • Is not specialized; rather, the SPHR candidate typically has generalist role within organization.
  • Understands the level of impact one's decisions make within and outside of the organization.
  • Understands the business, not just the HR function.
  • Manages relationships; has influence within overall organization.
  • Commands credibility within organization, community and field by experience.
  • Possesses excellent negotiation skills.
  • Has 4 years of demonstrated professional HR experience with a Master’s Degree, OR has 5 years of demonstrated HR experience with a Bachelor’s Degree, OR has 7 years of demonstrated HR experience with less than a Bachelor’s Degree.

*We do not guarantee the student will pass.