Financial Info

UIU Student Financial Services

Tuition: GEICO associates pay $1,063 per 3-credit course.

GEICO associates who plan to take Upper Iowa CAP courses must complete the downloadable “Delayed Payment Contract.”

Once you are registered for a UIU course, you must submit a Request for Tuition Reimbursement online through GEICO Hosted HR before the start of class.  Failure to complete and submit the form to GEICO, means you will be responsible for the cost of tuition. To complete the form, you will need the following information:

  • Course Number – Example: ACCT 201
  • Course Title – Example: Accounting I
  • Course Start Date
  • Course End Date
  • Number of Term Credit Hours (UIU courses are taught in eight-week terms)
  • Tuition Cost
  • All other financial assistance you are receiving
  • Degree program and major (if applicable)
  • School name, city, and state