Approved UIU Courses*

GEICO has approved the following business courses for associates to enroll in at Upper Iowa:

ACCT 201 Accounting Principles I (required core)

ACCT 202 Accounting Principles II (required core)

MKT 208 Marketing Principles

BA 210 Management Principles

BA 222 Management Information Systems

BA 225 Business Ethics

BA 302 Business Law

FIN 341 Corporate Financial Management (required core)

BA 352 Risk Management

BA 361 Human Resource Management

BA 374 Business Communications

BA 474 Organizational Behavior

COMM 105 Public Speaking

ECON 160 Microeconomic Principles (required core)

ECON 161 Macroeconomic Principles (required core)

MATH 220 Elementary Statistics (required core)

Download list of required core business courses (pdf)

Download list of elective core business courses (pdf)

*Each course is 3 college credits