Types of Aid: Self-Paced Degree Program

Self-Paced Degree Program Handbook

What is the Self-Paced Degree Program (SPDP)?

A correspondence course is a 6 month home-study course in which UIU provides instructional material to students who are not physically attending classes in a UIU classroom

Is financial aid available for the SPDP?

Financial aid is available for accepted degree seeking students who are enrolled at least half-time (2 courses (6 credits) for two six-month enrollment periods).  Eligible students can receive financial aid for the cost of tuition and an estimated book allowance.

How long is the SPDP Academic year?

The defined SPDP academic year is 2 calendar years (24 months) of continuous enrollment. Courses in this program are 6 months in length.  There are 12 start dates for each academic year.  Students must register for 2 courses per each 6 month enrollment period. For federal aid purposes, the start date of each academic year is May 1st.

Can I enroll in other classes that are not considered SPDP?

Yes, but you can only receive financial aid in one program of choice. See examples below: 

Student A is enrolled in 6 credits of self-paced study and 3 credit at one of the center locations.  Student A would receive aid for the 6 credits self-paced, but not for the 3 credits at the center location. 

Student B is enrolled in 6 credits at one of the center locations and the 3 credits of self-paced study.  Student B would receive aid for the 6 credits taken at the center location, but not for the 3 credits of self-paced study. 

When will I receive my financial aid for the SPDP?

Financial aid is awarded yearly and disbursed to eligible students after successfully completing each 6 month enrollment in the payment period throughout the program’s academic year.  Any earned aid is disbursed and applied towards the self-paced charges.

Please contact your advisor to register for the next set of courses prior to completing your current courses. Otherwise, please notify the Financial Aid Office of your intent to not re-enroll.

Status can only be obtained through Center and/or Online Program enrollment. Self-Paced Degree Program enrollment is always considered half-time or less for 3-12 credits.