Future Ready Grant

A state grant available to eligible Iowa residents pursuing a college degree. Student must be a resident of Iowa and have at least half of the credits completed towards a bachelor’s degree in a program of study aligned with a statewide high-demand job. Students must enroll in at least six semester hours (unless they can complete a degree in less than six semester hours) and must not have been enrolled in college for two academic years before receiving the Future Ready Iowa Grant. Students must also apply for all other available state and federal financial aid. In addition, students must attend orientation, meet with an advisor, remain continuously enrolled and make satisfactory academic progress. Students can receive the Future Ready Iowa Grant for up to four full-time semesters as long as they are making progress towards their first bachelor’s degree and will need to reapply each year. The annual amount is determined by the Iowa Legislature and can be increased or decreased depending on availability of funds

The Future Ready grant can help you to pay for a number of programs offered at Upper Iowa University including: accounting, business administration and management, computer and information sciences, early childhood special education programs, general management information systems and business data, mathematics, teaching of physical education, registered nursing and social science teacher education.

For more information or to see if you might qualify for the Future Ready Grant, contact the UIU Financial Aid Office at 1-800-553-4150 or financialaid@uiu.edu