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Mary Reding

Writing Center Director - Full-Time Term Lecturer of English (2018)School of Arts and Sciences

B.A., University of Northern Iowa
M.A., Iowa State University

Mary Reding has spent the better part of her life immersed in the study of literature: earning advanced degrees in English and Creative Writing with specialization in medieval studies, magic, and heroism. Currently, she dedicates half her time to tending various pets and plants on a farm in the Middle of Nowhere, Iowa. The other half she devotes to dreaming up new fantasy worlds for children. In the in-between she is a scholar: teaching English and directing the Writing Center at Upper Iowa. In the after-ward she plans to haunt bookshops – all sorts.

I believe that teaching students to interpret the complexities of their world and express themselves in equally complex ways helps them become the people they want to be.

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