Graduate Degree Programs for Running an Online Business

An online degree is now widely accepted whether you plan to work for an employer or start your own business. For example, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Upper Iowa University prepares you in areas of choice, including online courses in accounting, corporate financial management, general management, human resources management and organizational development.

Our School of Business offers an MBA program that doesn’t require on-campus residency and offers the background needed to build and run an online business. Many schools now offer programs in entrepreneurship. Some offer internships and other real-world experience. So what types of degree programs do you need to prepare for managing a profitable online business venture?

Online College Course Topics

  • Requirements for establishing and running a small business
  • Preparing an effective business plan
  • Marketing a business to customers
  • Advertising, pricing and e-marketing products/services

A graduate degree program is a good idea because students learn everything about planning for and starting an online small business. The techniques for running a marketing campaign and managing finances are essential. In addition to learning how to promote a business and budget for advertising, students learn about public relations and the legal aspects of doing business. You essentially learn everything it takes to run an online business as a sole entrepreneur.

Running a successful business isn’t only about making profits. Earning a degree from an online program will train you to properly construct financial statements, analyze investments, and determine when things break even. Many choose to attend a university to earn a degree that prepares them in these areas. However, a flexible online education is often more suitable if you’ve already earned a classroom degree.

Taking College Courses Online Benefit Your Business

With higher education, the perception of an online master’s degree varies by employer. However, if you’re looking to set up your own business, your competence in the field is the top priority compared to what HR at a prospective employer may think. Other benefits include practicing time management skills and collaborating with other students enrolled in the online program.

Online courses allow you to practice key skills used in establishing and managing an online business, including:

  • Leadership development
  • Risk management
  • Business theory
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Analyzing economic, social and political influences
  • Evaluating effective business/management practices

Many online programs, such as those at UIU, include research projects in their MBA programs. Electives enable a student to pursue subjects related to their business. Plus, you may be working on your business or for another company. An online master’s degree enables you to manage the coursework on your own schedule. Upper Iowa University’s MBA courses are scheduled in five eight-week sessions and an accelerated six-week summer session.

Interested in how graduate degree programs with online college courses can help your business? For more information on our MBA and other programs, read further or call 800-553-4150.