Marketing: The Major with Endless Career Opportunities

As a marketing major, your career potential is practically limitless. Other online college courses and subjects offered by colleges and universities may have looked more exciting on paper, but few offer more skills and possibilities than marketing. Most people plan to work in a field directly related to their major. With marketing, this can be pretty much anything. There’s also the job outlook − a 12 percent increase in marketing and advertising management jobs is expected between 2012 and 2022.1

Let’s start with the skills you hone as a marketing major. You can land so many different careers with a degree in marketing because you learn to see how consumers and businesses quantify the products and services they need. The skills acquired in such a program include:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to create effective presentations
  • Pitching for an advertising campaign
  • Writing content for social media
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effective speaking skills

You also learn the intricacies of consumer behavior, research, marketing communication and strategy.

Even while earning an undergraduate degree, you’ll collaborate on group assignments ranging from creating effective pitches and campaigns to planning and promoting events. While you may first start as a marketing intern, the career possibilities go far beyond that.

What Careers Can I Get with a Marketing Degree?
Even after online masters programs, careers with a marketing degree may follow a linear path up the ladder in an advertising agency. You may become an assistant, then a coordinator, director, manager or chief marketing officer. Job roles include print advertising, e-mail marketing, brand management, mobile marketing and social media marketing.

You could be a copywriter, product manager or market research analyst. A marketing professional can take on a public relations role or be directly involved in product development. Even someone involved in manufacturing has a great deal of marketing knowledge. If your marketing team has already planned an initiative, you can execute this as a sales manager.

However, not everyone who takes online college courses in marketing lands a typical marketing job. People with marketing experience may find themselves in various industries, including banking, insurance, business or even education. Teaching, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, sports, performing arts, and energy and utilities are other careers for marketing degrees you may encounter.

Marketing majors may pursue creative sectors like graphic design, fashion, publishing, website design and music. You could work in environmental or agricultural sectors, transportation or the hospitality and leisure industry. Marketers also work for not-for-profit organizations, the government and national defense.

A Marketing Degree with Upper Iowa University
There are many careers with a marketing degree you can pursue. The future looks bright as well, with even more potential roles for marketing professionals to come. If you’re ready to explore this exciting and diverse field, learn more about UIU’s online college courses in marketing via our:

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