How to Jump Start Your Career with a Graduate Degree

Finding your way to career advancement can be a challenge. When you've stretched your knowledge and your network as far as it can go, what's next? This may be the time to investigate traditional or online graduate programs to demonstrate your advanced abilities and expand your career opportunities.

Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

Prior to the year 2000, a wide array of industries was hiring top level applicants with a bachelor's degree, but this has changed in recent years. Greater than 20% of open positions now require or prefer graduate degree applicants, yet only 11% hold such a degree.1

If you began your career some time ago, you may be competing for the next promotion with someone who started out with a graduate degree. Eliminating this disparity may push you to the top of the list for that next career opportunity.

Standing Out vs. Standing Still

Pursuing a graduate degree demonstrates your commitment to your field, your continued intellectual achievements, and your proactive investment in your career. These qualities are considered key for high level management and director promotions from within.

Just hearing the news that you are enrolled in a graduate degree program is likely to result in positive attention from those above you. You may even be offered the opportunity to take on advanced projects in your current position, simultaneously completing your program requirements while demonstrating your new abilities to upper management.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Research has shown that those who have achieved an advanced degree enjoy, on average, earn almost 30% more in annual salary over those with a bachelor's degree.2 The US Department of Labor revealed a much lower unemployment rate of 3.4% for those with a master's degree vs. 6.1% for those without a graduate degree.1

Setting yourself up for greater job security and expanded opportunities may be the best reason to seek one of the top master’s degrees in demand. There are other personal gains as well, including greater job satisfaction, increased civic involvement, and access to an expanded network of like-minded individuals and mentors that can help propel your career to the next level.

Taking the Lead

Some of the best master's degrees are now in the technical arenas of business, computer science, and engineering. A successful career in higher education or consulting will certainly be enhanced by a degree from an accredited program which offers flexible courses to fit around your schedule.

With Upper Iowa University's online programs, you have the opportunity to achieve your higher education goals while continuing to be an essential asset to your current employer, catapulting yourself to the highest levels within your organization. Or, if you want to change your path, we offer a wide selection of the best master's degrees for career change.

Now is the time to let your advanced knowledge and dedication carry you to the career level you desire and deserve. Take that first step and find out more today!