How Can an Internship Benefit You?

Are you a college student nearing the completion of your studies? Are you trying to decide if it’s worthwhile to add an internship to your already busy schedule? You are not alone. Students at the best online and traditional colleges are experiencing the benefits of internships.

Upper Iowa University encourages students and recent graduates to pursue internship opportunities within their field. Whether you’re a member of the online learning community or a student attending classes at our Fayette, Iowa, Campus or one of our 25 U.S. education locations, here are four ways an internship will benefit you:

  1. Decide if the field is the right one for you. College coursework is a necessity, but nothing can substitute for real-world experience. An internship with a company in your field of study will help you decide whether the career is a good fit for you. You also gain valuable insight into the different roles within companies that you may work for in the near future. Interested in a nursing career or in the medical field? An internship at a hospital will provide you a real world experience and help you decide whether this is truly the career field that you wish to pursue.
  2. Gain valuable work experience. The workforce is filled with shining new talent. An internship can provide you the experience and skills that will set you apart from your competition. No longer does a degree guarantee you a job, but imagine how impressed potential employers will be when they see your resume includes a business degree and an internship where you gained valuable work experience.
  3. Experience "work" first hand. "Adulting." Many say that it starts with that first real job. An internship allows you to experience real work in a professional environment where someone outlines an objective, provides feedback on your performance, and holds you accountable for some sort of work product or project.
    An internship allows you to interact with coworkers, supervisors, and customers and tests your interpersonal skills in a way that schooling can’t. You also practice balancing a more busy schedule in your life. How will you complete homework, run errands and fulfill other personal obligations, while working?
  4. Get your foot in the door. Last, but definitely not least, an internship is an excellent way to show your potential employer what you can bring to them: genuine enthusiasm, a solid educational foundation and a fresh set of skills. Many industries, like engineering, teaching, finance, and technical fields, use internship programs to recruit for their workforce.
    Internships allow you to showcase who you are, while testing out the company culture. When the employer and the intern both find a positive fit, the chances increase substantially that a long-term opportunity will be available.

Whether you’re taking online courses or attending one of Upper Iowa University’s educational centers, pursuing an internship offers important insight and experience in your given field. Find out more today.