Upper Iowa University Offers Innovative Solutions to Change Your Life

According to the United States Department of Labor, a college degree offers higher earnings and increased opportunities for long-term career stability. In 2016, among people 25 years or older, those with less than a high school diploma had median annual earnings of $26,208. People with at least a bachelor’s degree had median annual earnings of $60,112.*

Additionally, the unemployment rate for those with less than a high school diploma hovered around 7.4 percent, but those with a bachelor’s degree experienced unemployment rates of 2.7 percent.*

So now that you see how a college degree has the power to change your life, the easiest decision is WHERE to get that degree: Upper Iowa University.

Upper Iowa University offers innovative solutions that include accredited online degree programs, distance learning opportunities, and a rigorous, high-quality education at your fingertips. Here’s the proof:

    1. Upper Iowa University has over 15 years of experience offering a competitive and award-winning online degree program. Many of its 40 majors offer some of the required coursework online, and some majors can be obtained completely through online work. Upper Iowa University gives you the flexibility to set your educational timeline and take it at your own pace, with convenient coursework options.
    2. Do you prefer a more traditional college classroom experience? Upper Iowa University offers flexible learning solutions. A broad range of evening and weekend classes still allow for an in-person, classroom experience for people who work full-time or parents who need an alternative schedule to balance raising a family with their educational goals. And at Upper Iowa University, you will get the support you need with a student to faculty ratio of 14:1. You’re not just a number at UIU.
    3. Need more options? Upper Iowa Distance Education has 21 locations across the United States, in Arizona, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas,  and Wisconsin. Additionally, there is an international education center located in Hong Kong. Are you a member of the military? A degree from Upper Iowa University will be tailored to meet you where you are, and when you’re available. Whether deployed or stationed abroad, your degree program can go with you.

Some of the most popular and competitive undergraduate programs are: business, communications and psychology. And for those wishing to continue on, Upper Iowa University offers a Masters of Business Administration degree, fully online. You can begin your career and keep working, taking you one step closer to success.

With over 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States, you need a degree program that will keep up with your needs and give you options. Upper Iowa University commits to providing quality education, engaged professors and personalized learning opportunities that will meet you where you are. Obtain your degree, enrich your quality of life, create stability for your family and secure a better future, anywhere, anytime.

To get started on your path to fulfilling your educational goals, call: 800-553-4150. We’re excited to partner with you.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Profile of the labor force by educational attainment"