Graduate Degrees Go a Long Way. Send in That Application Today!

In the 21st century, it’s becoming more and more recommended for potential employees to have a graduate degree. If you’ve been in the seemingly endless process of filling out your grad degree application but haven’t sent it in yet, now is the time to get that done! The benefits and advantages given to you once you have that graduate degree as your own are far-reaching, which is why Upper Iowa University has this blog post just for you! So if you’re not sure just why you should send in that application, read on to understand why!

A Grad Degree is an Investment in Your Future

It’s not as if you’re expected to map out your whole life in detail the minute you finish your undergrad degree, but it’s always wise to keep your eyes trained on the future and have your options open. A graduate degree provides additional knowledge, professional training and opportunities to realize a dream career.

Stand Out in the Career Field

With so many other people going to grad school in recent years, sometimes an undergrad degree won’t be enough. Stacked up next to better qualified candidates, you could easily miss out on great job opportunities. When you add the fact that there’s a relatively significant amount of candidates also possessing Ph.D. degrees, it’s very likely that just a bachelor’s degree won’t be enough in certain professional fields.

A Grad Degree Affords You Invaluable Connections

Grad school helps develop more professional connections in your chosen career field. You’ll connect with faculty members, fellow grad students and alumni. Networking is the best way to collect individual contacts to help get your foot in the door; a friend of a friend will know about a job offer before it’s widely publicized; someone will know someone who can help you snag that apartment downtown. Forming these connections with people, who are just as impassioned, focused, and knowledgeable as you are, will definitely help you down your career path.

Potentially Earn More with a Grad Degree

Depending on your major, it’s possible to earn up to $17,000 more, according to the Economic Value of College Majors, a Georgetown University 2015 study. This is because graduates generally have more versatility and flexibility of knowledge tied to their degree. In addition to a growing demand for degrees related to alternative energy, an MBA is becoming increasingly popular due to the needed analytical skills. While not every single grad degree will let you reap a larger salary, the financial implications aren’t to be taken lightly.

A Grad Degree Provides Flexibility

Whereas most undergraduate programs are three or four years, with fairly rigid standards, a graduate program allows you to choose the course and length. It’s easy to study part-time, making it easier to work and fund your studies. Scholarships, loans and grants are available. Many colleges and universities also offer long-distance or remote classes, so it’s possible to take a program from another city, state or even country.

The Personal Benefits to Yourself Can’t be Ignored

A grad degree will contribute significantly to your personal development. You’ll get to hone your management, writing, analytic and other skills. You’ll meet and collaborate with people from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds. In some cases, you may also receive industry experience, jumpstarting your networking opportunities. Between all the personal research, studying, guest lectures, and intimate time spent with your faculty members, you’ll be able to pursue your interests to a depth you probably haven’t experienced yet. And, most importantly, you’ll be able to understand and assimilate pre-existing knowledge that’s available, granting you the opportunity to actively engage with it and, in turn, contribute and provide more knowledge.

What’s Next?

What are you waiting for? Pull out that application and finish filling it out! With different graduate programs, additional graduate education courses, graduate certificates, and post-grad certificates, you should consider Upper Iowa University. We can safely say that there’s a major and career path here for everyone. We believe in Education Built for Life, so if you want to get to know more about what we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Give us a call at 800.553.4150. We look forward to hearing from you!