What is the Difference Between an Online vs. Face-to-Face Degree Program at UIU?

If you’re considering earning a college degree, Upper Iowa University might have caught your attention. Since 1857, UIU has built a reputation for offering quality, accredited educational programs through multiple delivery systems. We’re proud to be recognized as an innovator in student-centric learning, offering flexible opportunities to earn a degree, including online and face-to-face.

What’s the difference between these two types of programs and which option is right for you? Learn more about each one to help you decide.

Face-to-Face Degree Programs at UIU

The concept of leaving home, living in a dorm with roommates and taking classes in person is the traditional college path that many students pursue. UIU offers this setting at our Fayette, Iowa, Campus. We also provide other face-to-face learning opportunities to students across the country and internationally.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Degree Programs at UIU

    Students who learn in person at a traditional college campus enjoy the following benefits of face-to-face learning:
  • Interact socially with classmates and teachers: While the benefits of online connectivity can’t be denied, humans are social creatures and crave in-person interactions. The ability to build relationships with fellow students and teachers makes for a more memorable, enjoyable college experience.
  • Thrive academically: Not only do many students benefit socially by learning with peers and speaking with teachers in person, but they also perform better academically in a face-to-face setting. It’s been shown that physical interaction is the best way to learn and retain information over the long-term. It’s also often easier to ask questions in real time than to communicate with a teacher via email.
  • Learn to work in a group: Group projects and presentations in front of the class are an important part of completing many degree programs. These are good growing experiences and prepare students to succeed in many different career settings after graduation.

Where to Earn a Face-to-Face Degree

UIU offers many different educational locations for students to learn face-to-face:

  • Traditional campus setting: Fayette, Iowa, is home base for Upper Iowa University. Approximately 700 students attend this campus each semester as they work toward receiving a quality undergraduate or graduate education and the life skills needed to succeed in their career following commencement day. Both traditional students coming straight from high school and nontraditional students (military personnel, transfer students, adult learners and professionals returning to school) are more than welcome on our Campus.
  • Learning centers across the US: Our goal is to meet the educational needs of students based in places other than Fayette, Iowa. That’s why we have established learning centers in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. With 21 educational locations to choose from, chances are there’s a UIU learning center near you. Best of all, several of our campuses are strategically built on military bases to facilitate active duty personnel and their families who want to earn a college degree.
  • International partnership location: The Upper Iowa University Hong Kong Center offers the same academic qualifications and accreditations as campuses located in the US. This international partnership location is dedicated to teaching local Hong Kong students and US military personnel stationed overseas.

Face-to-Face Majors at UIU

The undergraduate programs at UIU range from accounting to history to English. In addition to these bachelor’s degrees, we also offer associate degrees, certificate programs and minors.

The four UIU graduate programs include business administration, education, public administration and sports administration. We also offer graduate education courses, graduate certificates and post-graduate certificates.

Not all majors are offered at all UIU locations. Visit each location’s webpage for more information about the programs offered at the learning center nearest you.

Online Degree Programs at UIU

Most of UIU’s nearly 40 majors offer at least some of the required coursework online, and many can be taken entirely online without ever stepping foot in a classroom. UIU is a pioneer in online education, with nearly two decades of experience offering internet-based coursework to students around the world.

Benefits of Online Degree Programs at UIU

    Over 3,000 degree-seeking students currently take classes at UIU through our distance learning program. Here are the benefits they enjoy:
  • Study at home when it’s convenient: Perhaps you work full time to support your family and only have evenings and weekends free. Online classes let you study when it fits your schedule.
  • Gain access to UIU programs from anywhere: As long as you have an internet connection, you can take classes from UIU, whether you live near a UIU location or not. This allows access to our accredited, award-winning programs, no matter where you live.
  • Graduate faster: Because many traditional majors also offer online classes, you can take more credits by combining face-to-face classes with online coursework. Nearly half of UIU students choose this option to help them graduate a semester or two faster.

Online Majors at UIU

Undergraduate programs, graduate degrees, majors, minors and certificates are available through our distance education program. Choose from an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, RN to BSN Nursing and much more! View our distance education program chart for more information.

Take Classes Online, Face-to-Face or Both!

It’s possible to mix and match learning opportunities from Upper Iowa University to fit your lifestyle. When you’re at home for summer break, take a class online or at a UIU location near your hometown. If you’re in the military and get deployed in the middle of your education, continue learning at an international center or with online classes. The point is, you can learn from anywhere at UIU, and no matter where or how you take classes, you can count on them to apply toward your degree.

If you have questions about the face-to-face and online degree programs at UIU, please contact us at 800-553-4150 or send us an email at info@uiu.edu. We’re happy to help you achieve an Education Built for Life, whether you choose to learn online, face-to-face or both!