What We Love MOST About Our Campus - And Why You Will Love It Too!

An important part about the traditional college experience is the physical location and atmosphere of where you’ll be studying at. After all, it’s going to be the place you spend a huge amount of your time at over the next few years.

We’ve been prepping students to succeed both in and outside of the classroom since 1857. With international centers, military centers, US centers, online and self-paced degree programs, and our physical campus in Fayette, Iowa, we’ve enjoyed continuing success with our student-focused mission. This is why the Upper Iowa University team wrote this blog post. We want to let you know just what it is that’s great about our Campus and why you’ll love it too. Curious? Great! Read on to find out!

Our Traditional, Residential Feel

Garbee Hall is a traditional-style residence hall and it is the primary living area for incoming freshmen students. The building is divided into North and South towers. North Tower has 2 ½ floors for women and South Tower has four floors for men. There are resident assistants on each floor. Amenities include laundry, cable TV, Wi-Fi and computer labs.

Suite-style housing is a primary living area for upperclassmen. There are three South Village Buildings that are three stories high and host approximately 30 students per floor. Suite amenities include laundry, cable TV, Wi-Fi and a computer lab. South Villages II and III also feature a kitchenette. All floors feature laundry facilities and a community ktchen. The buildings are shared by men and women.

Apartment-style housing is also a primary residence for upperclassmen. There are two apartment buildings on Campus: Hofmaster and Lee. Each building holds six apartments. Amenities include laundry, cable TV, Wi-Fi, appliances, and a furnished living room and bedroom. The buildings are shared by men and women. There are resident assistants on each floor.

Campus Safety

We believe that being prepared for an emergency is of the utmost priority, which is why we have information and resources prepared for emergency situations. Working in collaboration with the Fayette Police Department, we have a pro-active, preventative operational team of Campus security staff to ensure your safety. We release annual safety and security reports to keep everyone at Fayette Campus updated. We strive to provide our students, faculty, staff, and entire UIU community, a pleasant and safe Campus environment.

Campus Dining!

Let’s not lie; food is a big part of campus life. With the highest quality and nutritious food available, we try to make sure your dining experience with us will be the best possible. We offer different meal plans suited to your budget, ranging from Basic to Platinum, as well as our Flex Dollars system. With a brick-oven pizza, Mongolian grill, salad bar, deli area, and other daily specials, saying you can’t find something to satisfy your palate is impossible! We love the variety of food services offered on Campus, and we know you will too! If you wish to track your diet and count those calories, we also offer wellness education and nutritional information. In addition to offering a variety of great tasting food, we do our best to remain sustainable. We make sure to recycle our fryer oil waste, use recycled content paper and offer trayless dining, among many other eco-friendly initiatives. Yes, this is all possible and we’re doing it.

Other Fast Facts

We strive to make sure that the UIU Fayette Campus is as convenient for you as possible. There’s a centrally-located student mailroom, and a bank, grocery store, pharmacy, and other retail and dining options are available within easy walking distance of Campus. Our resident advisors are here to provide any assistance necessary. If you want to request more information or just need to speak to someone, please get in touch with us by calling (800) 553-4150. We look forward to hearing from you!