Looking For a Business, Nursing or Criminal Justice Degree? Upper Iowa University is the Place to Be!

With more than 21 million students hitting the books as they go to class, there’s a good chance you’re going to be one of them. And if you’re interested in getting a business, nursing or criminal justice degree, then Upper Iowa University is the place to be! In this blog post, we’ll talk about why you should choose us when it comes to these degrees, so read on!

Studying a Business Program at UIU

Business administration and management are consistently the most popular majors with students across the country, with 180,000 graduations according to College Factual. With so many students choosing a major in this field, it’s definitely worth going to a university that extensively covers this field and provides you with worthwhile options, which Upper Iowa University does! Our School of Business has both undergraduate majors and a Master of Business Administration degree program available. Our undergrad programs include accounting, agricultural business, business administration, financial management, health services administration, human resources management, management and marketing.

We also offer a number of undergraduate minors. As an example, if you’re interested in taking a course in business but not majoring in business, we offer general business, management II, management III, and marketing II for you. On top of that, we also offer post-graduate certificates to provide further specialization should the situation arise. There are also four certificate programs available and an associate degree in general business. Finally, UIU offers a teaching major in general business if you’re interested in teacher licensure. Since graduates can work in a huge variety of careers afterwards, we believe it’s important to offer an equally wide variety of education options so you can choose what’s best for you!

Studying a Nursing Program at UIU

Nursing is the second most popular major according to College Factual, with nearly 155,000 students graduating every year. A field that literally saves lives, nursing programs allow for a wide range of specializing, from midwives to practitioners to anesthesiologists. At UIU, the School of Science and Mathematics offers an undergraduate major through nursing, with a nationally recognized RN to BSN program. We help you to hone in on the practical skills you’ll need in order to succeed in the rapidly developing and fluctuating world. You’ll be able to use theoretical knowledge and practice, combined with technology and resource management, in order to demonstrate how you’ve accomplished the RN-BSN objectives and outcomes through an electronic portfolio (which you’ll be given access to for down the road in your career.)

Why you should choose UIU’s RN-BSN program? We offer flexibility adaptable to any lifestyle. You can choose between an online or hybrid model (traditional classroom and online). The hybrid model includes four 3-hour traditional classes during an eight-week session. This provides you instant feedback, in-person interaction, combined with fewer costs and extreme flexibility and convenience. If physical classes aren’t an option for you, it’s still possible to achieve an equally accredited degree through UIU with our online courses. Plus, you can enroll either full time and finish in a year, or enroll part time and finish in 20 months. After all, at UIU – we make it work for you!

Studying a Criminal Justice Degree Program at UIU

Approximately 72,000 graduates walk out with a criminal justice degree each year. If you’ve decided to jumpstart your career and contribute to your community through a career in law enforcement, corrections, the courts or justice administration, check out UIU! You get to learn from a real-world curriculum featuring relevant coursework taught by nationally recruited faculty, all of whom have experience in criminal justice-related fields. This will allow you to best prepare to serve society, understand how the judicial system operates and best ensure public safety. We offer the program in four different formats. You can study on campus in Fayette, Iowa, or take the required coursework at select UIU education centers. The program is also available via our online and self-paced degree programs. You choose what’s best for you!

No matter what program you want to follow at Upper Iowa University, we have something for you. If you want to request more information or apply, call 800-553-4150. We look forward to hearing from you!