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The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) is a volunteer student group serving as philanthropic ambassadors for UIU. Their goal is to inspire a tradition of giving among students.

Working closely with the Alumni Office, they organize student-led fundraising (and friend-raising) projects with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and UIU spirit.

Be an SPC Leader

All Fayette Campus students are welcome to serve as a leader. Current students include Serianna Dehmlow, Alexandra Dombrowski, Sam Jessie, Abby McKay, Kayla Ramos, Marisol Rodriguez, Roteshia Sanders, and Hannah Schutte.

If you’d like to join SPC, complete the SPC application form. Please direct questions to:

Naomi Aziz
Director of Annual Giving
[email protected]

UIU Crowdfunding Campaign

Have you ever wondered what could make your UIU experience even better? The UIU Student Philanthropy Council is happy to announce its first-ever UIU Crowdfunding Campaign. We are seeking project requests for student-driven initiatives on campus. Your innovative idea could be one of three selected projects featured in our Crowdfunding Campaign beginning December 1, 2020 (also #GivingTuesday).

Our goal is to support compelling projects that are beneficial to the UIU community and your overall Peacock experience. These projects will be led by students and receive support by working collaboratively with SPC leaders, the Alumni Office and the Alumni Association Board Members. These entities will assist with executing a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowdfunding?

By definition, crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people.

What kind of projects can be submitted?

All current students located at Fayette Campus are welcome to submit crowdfunding project. Students must be officially affiliated with an academic unit or part of an official student group that is recognized by SGA and raising money for UIU programs and initiatives. Funds cannot be directed to the a third party non-profit organization. Project examples: 3D printer for computer science, mural organized by the Art Club, etc. If you are unsure whether your project would fit with this platform, please email the Director of Annual Giving, Naomi Aziz at [email protected] or call 563.425.5966.

How do I select my crowdfunding project?

Here are recommendations for a successful crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Measurable: A clear, realistic, and achievable fundraising goal that should be reached in several weeks.
  2. Relevant and meaningful: Must be affiliated with UIU. The project must be beneficial to the UIU community and impact the students’ overall UIU experience positively.
  3. Attainable: Recommended fundraising goal of $1,000 – $5,000.
  4. Timeline: Campaigns generally last 30-45 days. Some may be longer or shorter based on the fundraising goal and success of the campaign.
  5. Project manager and collaborators: The project leader and collaborators are crucial to the success of the project. Recommended collaborators of 5 – 10 students. Their ability to reach out to an energized list of networks will ultimately determine campaign success.

I've applied. What's next?

Director of Annual Giving Naomi Aziz will contact you to set up an in-person or Zoom meeting. Your project request will then be reviewed by SPC leaders and you will be notified if your campaign is selected.

Once approved, what happens next?

You will be provided with fundraising recommendations from SPC leaders, the Alumni Office and the Alumni Association Board Members. These entities will collaborate and guide through the best fundraising practices, and assist with executing a successful crowdfunding campaign. We will help setup your crowdfunding campaign page created for your project, develop a plan and launch your fundraiser.