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Upper Iowa University has entered into a low-cost lease agreement to occupy what was formally known as the Ideal Industries building located in Fayette, Iowa. Located south of Harms-Eischeid Stadium, the building will be

donated to the University following the end of a five-year lease agreement. This 30,000-sq.-ft. facility will provide UIU faculty, staff and students multipurpose spaces for three athletic teams and the art department, plus classroom and office space. In addition, the property offers six acres of land. We could not be more excited for the opportunities this space holds. 

With your financial support, the baseball, softball, golf and art programs will thrive!

Golf  |  Baseball  |  Softball

In addition to creating the training spaces, all coaching offices and storage will be relocated to the facility. This will allow coaches to be present during individual workouts throughout the entire day, while also providing student-athletes the freedom to practice on their own free time. We are asking for your support in this project to help make this facility among the finest in all of NCAA Division II baseball, softball and golf. Naming rights are included below and projects include:  

Golf Naming Opportunities

    • Putting green  ($25,000)
    • Golf Office  ($10,000)
    • 3 Tee boxes  ($7,500)
    • 10 Pins and holes  ($2,500)
    • 25 golf lockers  ($1,000)

Baseball/Softball Naming Opportunities

    • Turf space for indoor training  ($50,000) 
    • 4 Batting cages  ($15,000)
    • Baseball Office  ($10,000) - - Secured!
    • Softball Office  ($10,000) - - Secured!
    • Assistant Coaches Office  ($10,000)
    • 50 Baseball lockers  ($1,000)
    • 25 Softball lockers  ($1,000)

Please direct questions regarding athletics to Assistant Athletic Director, Brock Wissmiller at or 563-425-5700. Online gifts may be made here. Be sure to select the designation "Peacock Arts & Athletic Center" and describe how you would like your gift to be used. 

Art Department

The art program at Upper Iowa University challenges students to develop a personal approach to the arts while they strengthen artistic skills and explore career opportunities. Creativity and independence are cornerstones of a program where faculty members actively lead, motivate and support students in their education, personal lives and careers.

  • Art Naming Opportunitiesjb-paac
    • 3 Art studios  ($25,000) 
    • 2 Art offices  ($10,000) - - 1 Secured!
    • Center Lobby ($10,000) - - Secured!

Please direct questions regarding the art department to Associate Professor of Art, Elissa Wenthe at or 563-425-5850. Online gifts may be made at Be sure to select the designation "Peacock Arts & Athletic Center" and describe how you would like your gift to be used.

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