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Step Up and Share Your Peacock Pride

giving day logo

Join thousands of fellow Peacocks by Stepping Up on April 27 for Upper Iowa University’s very first Giving Day! 

It’s up to you to help start the initiative by spreading the word and showing your support by sharing and staying connected on social media. 

Follow the Giving Day excitement:

Website: uiu.edu/StepUpUIU
Facebook Event: UIU Giving Day
Hashtag: #StepUpUIU 
Facebook: Upper Iowa University - Alumni & Friends
Twitter: Upper Iowa University
Instagram: Upper Iowa Alumni & Friends

Here are 5 ways to get involved: 
  1. Sign up to participate in the Facebook challenge by clicking here!
    From $1 to $100, you make the choice on how much you would like to contribute and let your followers take it from there. To get involved, simply set your share amount and maximum gift amount then create your post on Facebook. Once you commit, it is up to your followers to share your post and help you hit your MAXIMUM gift to a fund of your choice. Don't hesitate - sign up today and get those shares! This challenge is the perfect opportunity to contribute while spreading the word about Giving Day! 

  2. Add a Twibbon to your Facebook profile picture! Click here!
    Follow the steps to "support this campaign" and sign in using Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Update your Facebook and Twitter cover photos to promote UIU Giving Day! 
    Right click one of the images below and upload it to your social media of choice.

  4. Show your support by using the hashtag #StepUpUIU in your posts!
    **Post a picture of yourself/family/coworkers wearing blue and white Peacock apparel.
    **Share a UIU throwback photo and reminisce with your Peacock family.
    **Promote the “FUTURE Peacocks” of your family.

  5. Stay connected to our social media posts and share the excitement! 
    Check out our sample posts below.
Need some help with what to post? We can help! 

Sample Social Media Posts for Giving Day:

I am celebrating 160 years of Peacock Pride! Join me #StepUpUIU

Will you join me and STEP UP to the challenge? #StepUpUIU

Join me in making UIU history during the first ever giving day! #StepUpUIU

I am Peacock proud – join me and support UIU! #StepUpUIU

I support Upper Iowa University, will you? #StepUpUIU uiu.edu/StepUpUIU

Help me to make Upper Iowa University’s first ever giving day a success! #StepUpUIU

Join the excitement and share giving day with your friends! https://twibbon.com/support/giving-day-uiu

Today, I am joining in #StepUpUIU – will you share the excitement and make a gift at uiu.edu/StepUpUIU

Proud to be a UIU Peacock! Join the excitement at uiu.edu/StepUpUIU!

I am wearing BLUE and WHITE today to support Upper Iowa University’s first ever giving day! #StepUpUIU uiu.edu/StepUpUIU

Update your social media profiles with these fun Cover Photos! 

 cover photo 2

cover photo 4

cover photo 3

cover photo 5