2018 Class Gift 

Philanthropy Cord GIVE A GIFT.

The growth of Upper Iowa University is greatly supported by generous donors and alumni who value and cherish this great institution. The Class Gift initiative was developed as a way to encourage students to embrace a philanthropic spirit and begin leaving their legacy upon graduation. 

In recognition of a Class Gift, graduates will receive a UIU Philanthropy Cord to wear during Fayette Commencement set for Saturday, May 5. Donors will also be honored during each ceremony. Philanthropy Cords will be mailed to those unable to attend Commencement.

A suggested gift amount of $20.18 may be made online at UIU.EDU/GIVE.
*Be sure to select the designation "2018 Class Gift."

Unless otherwise specified, all donations will support the UIU Annual Fund and will be directed to purchasing graduate stoles. Gifts are appreciated by May 1. 


Last year 108 graduates raised an overwhelming $3,899! We challenge you to help surpass this amount reaching the goal of 150 student participants and ensure the Class of 2018 will step up and be part of Upper Iowa University's culture of giving. To boost the excitement and hopefully inspire others to give, three proud Peacocks have committed to matching the total amount raised by students now thru Giving Day (April 25)! Special thanks to these UIU Board of Trustees for their incredible generosity - Michele Matt '87, Mary Cheddie '08 and Josem Diaz!  



Jessica Baker
William Baker
Jackie Baldwin
Sarah Behrens
Crysta Berry
Doreen Blattner
Matt Bodkins
Ashley Bonner
Julie Brady
Chris Brenton
Paul Brisbois
Hailey Broten
Kyle Buhman
Carli Bunning
Andy Carlson
Michelle Chavez
Scott Chiri
Edward Ciccarone
Alec Clark
Lindsey Cole
Brett Cornforth
Maiah Diel
Elizabeth Doughty
Dawn Durkin
Bridget Edgington
Michael Ensign
Shawn Ford
Alisha Fox
Erin Friedley
Andrew Frisch
Kandis Gallentine
Danielle Glenn
Latrennia Goins
John Groomes
Stacy Grubb
Tia Gutierrez
Jasmina Halilovic
Jon Hall
Krystal Hanley
Courtney Hedeman
Allie Helmuth
Brian Hill
Rosemary Hiraldo
Jemece Hyatt
Megan Joerger
Rick Johnson
Brandi Kanselaar
Danielle Kast
Kayla Knapp
Courtni Knudtson
Kelci Krull
Morgan Kumlin


Aubrey Lasche
Stanley Laskos
Annalyn Lawe
Meghan Leckband
Chantel Lee
Barbara Lim
Kayleen Mahlstede
Glenda McArtor
Stephanie McCoskey
Lucas Mochal
Eric Murry
Elizabeth Nadolski
Timothy Neville
Brittany Nguyen
Teri Ott
Brian Parrish
Jeremy Parrish
Caressa Pearson
Megan Peterson
Shpresa “Stacy” Ramadani
Rebecca Remengesau
Marietta Rocha
Dustin Ruleau
Dillon Sather
Michelle Saunders
Jill Schares
Travis Seliger
Rachael Siems
Travis Small
Yapo Sombo
Renee Steimel
Celsey Stevenson
Bonita Streich
Rebecca Swyers
Anna Taylor
Taylor Timmens
Katie Traeger
Jessica Trudo
Karinne Tudor
Joseph Twitty
Amanda Veeser
Timothy Vigen
Melanie Vobora
Carrie Waddell
Daniel Wagner
Lamont Watkins
Joel Wenger
Vanessa Westen
Rachael Whitely
Kamesha Williams
Brittany Winchell
Ashten Wolff
Matthew Carrasco
Mary Young
Stephanie Ziegler