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About Csomay Honors Scholarships

The Csomay Honors Program will award ten one-time scholarships, all $1,000 in value, to exceptional incoming Upper Iowa University undergraduate students. The Csomay Honors Program was founded in 2010 after a generous gift from Barbara R. Csomay, UIU Class of 1946, who wanted an exceptional learning experience for UIU’s most outstanding students.


  • All applicants must begin their first year at Upper Iowa University in Fall 2024.
  • Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students intending to learn at Upper Iowa’s Fayette Campus, a U.S. center, or online.
  • Applicants must submit a formal application for acceptance to UIU, including a unique 400-600 word application essay specific to the scholarship sought.
  • Applicants must also meet requirements and become accepted to Upper Iowa University with
  • Submit your application by June 15, 2024

Contact Dr. Matt Foy
Associate Professor of Communication/Faculty Director
Chair, Csomay Honors Program

UIU students walking in autumn on the Fayette campus

Csomay Honors Scholarship Application

10 Csomay Honors Scholarships

Leadership Excellence Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in high school through roles in student government, community organizations, or extracurricular activities.

Community Service Scholarship

For a student who has made significant contributions to their community through volunteer work, service projects, or involvement in local organizations.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship

Recognizes a student who has initiated, developed, or been involved in entrepreneurial ventures, showcasing innovation and a forward-thinking mindset.

Arts and Creativity Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has excelled in the arts, including visual arts, music, theater, and dance, contributing to their school or community’s cultural life.

Environmental Stewardship Scholarship

Recognizes a student who has been actively involved in environmental conservation, sustainability projects, or advocacy work.

Technological Innovation Scholarship

For a student who has shown exceptional skills in technology, including coding, app development, robotics, or participation in tech-related competitions.

Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has actively worked to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within their high school or community through projects, programs, or leadership roles.

Resilience and Perseverance Scholarship

For a student who has overcome significant challenges or adversities to achieve high school success, demonstrating remarkable resilience and determination.

Global Citizenship Scholarship

Recognizes a student who has engaged in international experiences, language study, or global issues, reflecting a commitment to understanding and addressing global challenges.

Excellence in Student Media Scholarship

Awarded to a student with a record of excellence in student media production, including but not limited to student newspaper, yearbook, radio, television, podcast, or streaming.