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GEICO Testimonals

See what other associates across the United States, who have taken classes through UIU, have to say

Serge De La Cruz, Systems Specialist II - Dallas, TX

“This is by far the best online university program available. The instructors are always extremely helpful, the course content is genuinely structured for working adults, the scheduling is flexible, and the bookstore prices are not outrageous. Being in the IT department, scheduling is always an issue. We may have updates and upgrades deploying, traveling to other offices or GFR’s to setup or expand or help with a CAT loss, on-call duties and various after-hours assignments – but everything is always smooth with UIU. Every semester has been so great that I decided to pursue my studies beyond the GEICO core classes.”

Amanda Mapp, Management Training and Development Lead - Plaza, Washington, D.C.

“I chose to complete my core business courses with Upper Iowa University because it was so easy! Not only do GEICO associates not have to pay up front for classes, but the course structure made working full time and taking classes much easier as well.

I was so impressed with UIU that I decided to continue my education and pursue my Master of Business Administration there as well. It was one of the best decisions of my life. In one year and two months, I was able to complete all course work for my MBA and I had the opportunity of working with seasoned, helpful professors who provided quick and effective feedback. The courses included assignments that allowed me to utilize my experiences at GEICO to help others learn, while also allowing me to interact with and learn from students around the world. I have been able to take my newly gained knowledge and implement it immediately in what I do here at GEICO.

If you are considering working towards knocking out some of your core courses or pursuing higher education and getting a bachelor’s or graduate degree – I highly recommend Upper Iowa University. As GEICO employees, they work with us and our demanding schedules – they are flexible – and extremely helpful. The financial aid department is also easy to contact and quick to answer! If I can answer any questions for you, please do not hesitate to reach out!”

Jennifer Hillman, Claims Supervisor - Virginia Beach, VA

“I was first introduced to UIU when I worked in the Houston office. We were fortunate enough to have the advisors travel there and talk to anyone interested one-on-one. I finally enrolled as a nondegree seeking student for my core classes, which my advisor was familiar with and helped me enroll. Since then, I have switched to degree seeking and have an academic counselor. Each person I have interacted with in the admissions department has been extremely helpful and always there for any questions. I have enjoyed UIU for many reasons and recommend it to anyone who is looking to either take their core classes or seek a degree. The site is very easy to use, the classes are only eight weeks long and they offer delayed payments for GEICO students!”

Bethany Feldman, CSR Supervisor - Fredericksburg, VA

“Taking my last two core classes through Upper Iowa University has been great and I have really enjoyed the online class experience that they offered for both of my classes.  I found the classes to be well organized and the material to be challenging, but doable, while working full time and still having a personal life outside of school and the office.  I have recommended Upper Iowa to several of my adjusters who need to take courses because I have found the experience so positive.  I also appreciate that they allow GEICO employees to delay their payments until we get reimbursed for taking the class and I will continue to use Upper Iowa to finish taking my core courses.”

Greg Norton, Sales Manager - Indianapolis, IN

“I highly recommend Upper Iowa University for anyone looking to complete their core courses, finish their degree or simply gain knowledge that will help them excel in their field.  Right from the start, the timely communication from my advisor mixed with the ease of the online registration were excellent.  The professors kept me informed of all course requirements that helped me complete the courses at a high level while also retaining the information, which I have used on a daily basis.  As a sales manager, husband, and father who, at the time, was moving from one location to another while completing my core courses, the process of UIU was PERFECT for my busy life.  Thanks UIU!”

Troy Lieberth, MDP/SPP Coordinator & AD Training Supervisor - Indianapolis, IN

“UIU has been an excellent partner. Not only have I been able to complete the required business courses quickly, the admissions team at UIU has worked with me closely to help other associates enroll. In my current position, I am constantly on the go. I work in the field, in the office, and from home. The ability to take my coursework and complete assignments, quizzes, and tests from anywhere has been vital. I recommend UIU to all associates in our Management Development and Supervisor Preparation programs.”

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