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School of Business and
Professional Studies

The School of Business and Professional Studies offers baccalaureate majors in accounting, agricultural business, business administration, financial management, graphic design, health services administration, human resources management, information systems, information technology, management and marketing, nursing, and software  engineering. Career flexibility is important with the shift toward business orientation in most professions. The School offers minors in several areas.

An Associate of Arts degree in General Business and a certificate in Human Resources Management is also available.

Students in the School of Business have the opportunity to enroll in up to 12 credit hours of MBA course work during their senior year through the MBA Link program. Contact an advisor for more information.

A major in All Business is for students pursuing teacher licensure.

Students completing degree requirements will earn a Bachelor of Science degree except Graphic Design majors will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.


Bachelor Degree Majors

Agricultural Business
Business Administration
Financial Management
Graphic Design
Health Services Administration
Human Resources Management
Information Systems
Information Technology
"Nursing, RN-BSN"
Software Engineering


Human Resources Management
Organizational Leadership

Associate of Arts

General Business


Agricultural Sales
General Business (Students not majoring in Business)
Graphic Design
Human Resources Management
Management I
Management II (Students not majoring in Business)
Marketing I
Marketing II (Students not majoring in Business)
Software Engineering


Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Sport Administration (MSA)

Post Graduate Certificates

Corporate Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Organizational Development