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NOTE: UIU is no longer accepting new students into this minor.

A Spanish minor offers many career opportunities with social agencies dealing with Spanish-speaking Americans, with companies serving Hispanic populations, teaching in secondary schools (when combined with a teaching major) and volunteering with VISTA or the Peace Corps. Spanish courses at Upper Iowa University concentrate on building vocabulary, understanding grammatical structure and developing reading and writing skills. English-language and society of the Hispanic world (in both the Americas and Europe) are also provided. The special project, on a topic to be agreed upon by instructor and student, will be written and presented in Spanish.

Choosing a minor field of study is optional. A minimum of 15 semester hours of separate identifiable semester credits must be earned for each minor that is declared. The same course may not be used in a major and a minor or among multiple minors unless the course is a required course (not part of a “select” area) in both the major and the minor or among multiple minors.


  • SPN 125 Introduction to Hispanic Culture and Society (3 credits)
  • SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I (3 credits)
  • SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II (3 credits)
  • SPN 301 Advanced Spanish I (3 credits)
  • SPN 302 Advanced Spanish II (3 credits)
  • SPN 306 Culture and Society of Spain (3 credits)
  • SPN 499 Special Project in Spanish (3 credits)

For a teaching endorsement, 24 credits in Spanish are required, along with EDU 314 Teaching Elementary Foreign Language or EDU 300-3 Teaching Secondary School Foreign Language. See the catalog for details.

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