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Hawkeye and UIU Nursing Dual Enrollment Accelerated Program

Start your BSN at UIU before graduating from Hawkeye!

What is the Dual Enrollment Accelerated Program?

The Associate-Baccalaureate Accelerated Program (AP) is a unique pathway offered through Hawkeye Community College (Hawkeye) and Upper Iowa University (UIU) that allows nursing students the opportunity to complete their ADN through the community college and “get ahead” by starting their BSN through UIU during the summer semesters.

Accelerated Program Benefits

  • Save time and graduate faster. Start your BSN before
    graduating from Hawkeye. Students can complete their
    BSN from UIU in approximately 8 months or less postgraduation.
  • Save money. The UIU accelerated RN-BSN program is a
    cost-conscious pathway available to Hawkeye nursing students. All students are eligible for the UIU Transfer Connection Scholarship earning up to $1500 off tuition each year.
  • Jump start your nursing career. Develop hands-on
    nursing skills while concurrently gaining core competencies
    of a highly sought-after BSN-prepared nurse.
  • Be competitive in the job market. Earn your BSN shortly
    after attaining your ADN and increase your marketability.
  • Flexibility. 100% online courses with small class size

UIU Nursing Program Highlights


Courses – 35 credit hours

  • MATH 220 Statistics* 3 credit hours
    * It’s recommended students take MAT-156 Statistics at Hawkeye and transfer it in to UIU.
  • NUR 305 Professional Communication for Nurses 3 credit hours
  • NUR 315 Professional Nursing Practice 3 credit hours
  • NUR 325 Integrated Concepts of Nursing Care I 4 credit hours
  • NUR 335 Integrated Concepts of Nursing Care II 4 credit hours
  • NUR 340 Community Health Nursing 4 credit hours
  • NUR 400 Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing 3 credit hours
  • NUR 420 Nursing Leadership and Management 3 credit hours
  • NUR 450 Nursing Concepts Capstone I 2 credit hours
  • NUR 455 Nursing Concepts Capstone II 2 credit hours
  • Nursing Electives 4 credit hours
    *May be taken at Hawkeye

More Program Details

Students will be enrolled in UIU nursing courses in the summer semesters until after graduation from Hawkeye.

Additional UIU Graduation Requirements:

120 credit hours are required to earn a baccalaureate degree from UIU. Depending on academic record, general elective completion may be required.


Eligibility and Steps to Apply

Review the Hawkeye/UIU Accelerated Program booklet or Hawkeye’s nursing web page for detailed information.

  • A minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA is required.
  • Completed a minimum of one semester in the ADN
    program at Hawkeye.
  • Meet with an advisor at Hawkeye.
  • Apply online to UIU.
  •  Submit all official transcripts to UIU.

Financial Aid Process

  1. File the FAFSA for both schools:
    – Upper Iowa University code: 001893
    – Hawkeye Community College code: 004595
    Both institutions will receive your application within 3-5 business days.
    Note: The State of Iowa priority deadline is June 30.
  2. The Financial Aid Office at each school will contact you by email notification to communicate if any other documents are required for processing.
  3. Once your file is complete (and you have been officially accepted into the program) you will be notified by email from each school’s specific email address once the offer is processed and available for review. Hawkeye will be offering aid for the fall and spring, and UIU will be offering aid for the summer. Students will need to log into each respective school’s site to accept pending aid.

Learn More

Get full details about each institution’s financial aid policies and procedures:

Kathy Schmitz, '14

Nursing RN-BSN

At 56 years old I decided it was time to get my BSN. A friend introduced me to UIU and the RN - BSN program. I was hesitant; it's been a long time since I have been in school. I am now fully engaged in the nursing program. It is hard for me to explain the impact returning to school has made on me. I actually look at the nursing profession in a whole new light, the difference in having an ADN and working towards my BSN makes me feel "more professional". I would highly recommend UIU-Mesa and the instructors. I have felt supported through the entire process.