Post Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development 

The organizational development certificate explores organizational theories of culture, continual improvement and change. Students examine organizational structure and culture and analyze and diagnose problems to develop recommendations supporting long-term change and improvement. 

Admissions requirements

To be unconditionally accepted into the Post-Graduate Certificate Program a learner must hold a conferred Graduate Degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Certificate completion

A graduate student will have five years after initial enrollment in the first graduate level course to complete the certificate program under the requirements in effect at the time of enrollment. If program requirements change, the student can elect to complete the revised curriculum or to complete under the original curriculum. If the student does not complete the certificate degree program within the five-year period, the requirements in effect at the time of the next enrollment will be used to determine the student’s certificate requirements. Upper Iowa University reserves the right to make changes in its academic regulations and requirements when, in its judgment, the best interests of the institution are served.

Organizational Development requirements

  • BA 520 Training and Development
  • BA 553 Organizational Development
  • BA 555 Organizational Culture
  • BA 560 Organizational Diagnosis and Intervention
  • BA 570 Team Building Techniques

The Post Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development is offered at the following Upper Iowa University location:

  • Online Program