Master of Public Administration:
General Studies

The General Studies emphasis area allows you to design your own course of study.  The core curriculum remains the same.  Working collaboratively with the program chair, you will select courses that help you achieve your career goals.  Students generally apply for the general studies emphasis after completing PA501 and PA502.

To be awarded the Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in general studies, candidates must earn 36 approved graduate credit hours.  All courses are offered online.

Contact Coleen Sassmann at or 563-425-5931

All classes and electives listed are three credits each.

Core Requirements

  • PA 501 Democracy, Public Administration, and Public Policy
  • PA 502 Introduction to Program Evaluation
  • PA 503 Program Evaluation Implementation and Evaluation
  • PA 504 Political Economy and Regulatory Policy for Public Administrators
  • PA 511 Gov’t and NFP Financial Mgmt and Control
  • Capstone: PA 590 Research Seminar

Total: 18 Credits

General Study Emphasis

This emphasis area allows students, in collaboration with the
MPA coordinator, to develop a program that meets their specific
needs and goals.

Select six electives with advice and consent of advisor.

Total: 18 Credits