Welcome to the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!

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Supportive environment

In the department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Upper Iowa University we are deeply committed to making your educational experience as productive, rewarding and exciting as possible. We offer a highly supportive environment for you to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be successful in an ever changing world. Our state of the art curriculum and technology work hand in hand with our personal touch in guiding you through your educational experience.

Financial Support for STEM Students

The UIU Department of STEM and the School of Arts and Sciences have developed some external grants through which eligible students majoring in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields may receive financial support (scholarships, stipends, additional resources). Funding for Academic Year 2016-2017 is dependent on grant awards. See more at: http://uiu.edu/academics/department/stem/financialsupport


Our major programs adhere to discipline specific standards to provide you with the necessary rigor and relevance for success in your future career. Eight week terms allow you the ability to focus on a few courses at a time and get the most out of each learning experience while at UIU. Our small class sizes allow you to directly interact with the professors both inside and outside the classroom. These small classes allow you to know your fellow students and form student working groups so you never feel isolated.


The department emphasizes the utilization of technology in most of its courses to help facilitate and greatly enhance your learning experience. Many courses are recorded and posted online for students to review material taught in class from any location. Several courses utilize online homework systems, so you have instant feedback and can determine when you need to seek further assistance from your professor. Many courses incorporate application programs to assist your understanding and help solve problems.

Advising and support

All major students are advised by professors in their discipline. This enables you to receive excellent advice regarding course choices as you move through your degree program. In addition, your advisors can help you make important career choices and help you securing your next position after graduation.

Student experiences

All of our students engage in research relevant to their interests in either our senior seminar or capstone experiences. Students are encouraged to participate in summer research or internship experiences to complement their studies at UIU.

Majors and minors

Upper Iowa graduates can become software and web developers, database and security analysts, network administrators. Those skills are in high demand and frequently rated as top jobs by US news and Forbes.

In the 21st century economy, students in mathematics may be studying actuarial science, cellular automata for modeling in the life sciences, graphs and networks with applications to computing, or the mathematics of finance, to name only a few of the possible applications. In traditional areas such as teaching, there is projected to be a great demand for secondary teachers of Mathematics in the United States over the next decade.

Upper Iowa University offers a variety of undergraduate degrees related to STEM. Consider the options, and discuss them with your advisor, to find the program of study that is right for you.

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Online programs

Our department offers an innovative Organizational Information Systems and Technology Program (OISTP), which includes majors in information technology (IT), information systems (IS) and a minor in software engineering (SE). Courses are offered on the Fayette campus and online.