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Recent presentations

Senior students with mathematics majors gave presentations on a variety of mathematical topics, including:

  • "Math in Hot Spots Policing"
  • "Can Math Help with Poker?"
  • "Portfolio Theory" 
  • "Binomial Pricing Model of Options" 
  • "The mathematics of JPEG image compression"
  • "Fibonacci sequence – mysteries in mathematics"
  • "Fundamentals of input output economics" 
  • "The mathematics behind modeling groundwater flow" 
  • "How quaternions improve 3D gaming" 
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Recent projects

Senior students with Information Technology majors completed multiple projects, including:

  • "Security System" 
  • "Advising Module" 
  • "Department of STEM website development" 
  • "MaizEscape" 
  • "Survive" 
  • "PTAG club website" 
  • "Automated weather monitoring"